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The Eclogues


Book Overview: 

This book of poems, written between 42 en 39 BC, was a bestseller in ancient Rome, and still holds a fascination today. Held to be divinely inspired not only by the Romans themselves, but by the Medieval Catholic church, The Eclogues is one of the most beloved collections of Latin short poetry.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .BR> The thick-leaved shadowy-soaring beech-tree grove
Still would he haunt, and there alone, as thus,
To woods and hills pour forth his artless strains.
"Cruel Alexis, heed you naught my songs?
Have you no pity? you'll drive me to my death.
Now even the cattle court the cooling shade
And the green lizard hides him in the thorn:
Now for tired mowers, with the fierce heat spent,
Pounds Thestilis her mess of savoury herbs,
Wild thyme and garlic. I, with none beside,
Save hoarse cicalas shrilling through the brake,
Still track your footprints 'neath the broiling sun.
Better have borne the petulant proud disdain
Of Amaryllis, or Menalcas wooed,
Albeit he was so dark, and you so fair!
Trust not too much to colour, beauteous boy;
White privets fall, dark hyacinths are culled.
You scorn me, Alexis, who or what I am
Care not to ask- how rich in flocks, or how
In snow-white milk abounding: yet for . . . Read More

Community Reviews

I'm a Latin teacher, so I figured I had to read this book start to finish! I think I kind of have to like it because it's written by the same poet who wrote The Aeneid, but to be honest I was pretty disappointed. It's beautiful writing and I definitely underlined some areas just because the poetr...more

Ten pastoral poems without a hint of the epic or heroic, just the small dramas of life on a human scale: lost farms, lost loves, friendship and rivalry, and the trials of living on the margins. A quietly eloquent work, The Eclogues is the world’s first concept album, a collection of lyrics that w...more

Our familiar Virgil tempers the grandeur of the epic with loss, and strikes ambiguous moods in the midst of war glory; but, the lesser known Virgil floods the senses with a rustic imagination drunk on the colourful singing of country air through mountains and over streams. Here the world turns ov...more

Un giorno Dafni sedeva all'ombra di un'elce frusciante,
e Coridone e Tirsi vi avevano radunato greggi,
Tirsi le pecore, Coridone le capre colme di latte;
ambedue nel fiore dell'età, esperti nelle arti di Arcadia,
pari nel canto, e pronti ugualmente a ribattere:
là mi s'er...more

Diez poemas bucólicos de Virgilio, su primera gran obra. Se supone que se trata de pastores poetas que cantan sobre cabras, árboles, flores y así, pero no es del todo así. Son poemas escritos desde la ciudad que hablan acerca del campo. Más todavía, el tema central no es campestre, sino erótico,...more

Çoban Türküleri-Bucolica

Publius Vergilius Maro (M.Ö.70 - M.Ö. 19)

kitapta 10 adet çoban türküsü-şiir vardır.

kronolojik olarak; 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 1, 9, 10 şeklinde sıralanabilir.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9. şiirler monolog-anlatım; 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. şiirleri ise diya...more

I read this, mistakenly, because of Willa Cather; it wasn't until I brought it all the way home from the library that I checked again and saw that she was quoting not the Eclogues but the Georgics in My Ántonia . I read it anyway.

The Eclogues (c.39 BC)—also and more descriptively known as the Bucolics—is a set of ten rural vignettes (h...more

Tradotte e ripetute all'esame di Latino I.

Have you ever felt grass as soft as fleece? Or heard the murmur of the runnel over soft pebbles? Or heard the soft air whisper a soft tune? Perhaps your life has been too hard. In that case, you must escape to Arcadia and meet the creatures of the wood! Pan, Silenus, and Bacchus are there! Nymphs...more

قد يكون مستغربا أن أمنح فرجيل العظيم أهم و أعظم الشعراء في تراث الرومانيين نجمتين فقط ..
إذن جميل أن أعلل ذلك على الأقل لنفسي فأقول إن هذه الأناشيد المسماة بأناشيد الرعاة و التي كنبها فرجيل ملهم الشعر اللاتيني قاطبة قد كتب ما كتب محاولا النسج على منوال الإغريق و إن لم يصل إلى درجة إتقانهم إذ يبقى...more

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