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The Dynamiter

Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny van de Grift Stevenson

Book Overview: 

More New Arabian Nights: The Dynamiter is a collection of linked short stories by Robert Louis Stevenson and Fanny van de Grift Stevenson. Three gentlemen of little means and no occupation meet in the Bohemian Cigar Divan, a tobacco shop with couches to sit and smoke. They read of a reward offered for information as to the whereabouts of a man with big moustaches and a sealskin coat. They agree among themselves that they will separate and search for the man so as to claim the reward. The stories that follow concern their adventures. What is the secret of the three mysterious and exotic ladies they meet? What is the seclusive renter upstairs up to with his secretive nighttime visitors and ticking boxes? And is that tobacconist what he seems? They meet again in the cigar divan in an epilogue to their travels.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .eds of dollars that he had by him at the moment, and to flee that night, which promised to be dark and cloudy.  As soon as the servants were asleep, he was to load two mules with provisions; two others were to carry my mother and myself; and, striking through the mountains by an unfrequented trail, we were to make a fair stroke for liberty and life.  As soon as they had thus decided, I showed myself at the window, and, owning that I had heard all, assured them that they could rely on my prudence and devotion.  I had no fear, indeed, but to show myself unworthy of my birth; I held my life in my hand without alarm; and when my father, weeping upon my neck, had blessed Heaven for the courage of his child, it was with a sentiment of pride and some of the joy that warriors take in war, that I began to look forward to the perils of our flight.

Before midnight, under an obscure and starless heaven, we had left far behind us the plantations of the valley, . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This Stevenson guy totally ripped off Stan Lee's Hulk character!

I mean, did this dude seriously think he could get away with what basically boils down to a copy & paste job of one of the most iconic literary characters in comics?!
I. Think. Not.
Stan, my friend, you have a real chance at winnin

So I will admit that I purchased the kindle version that had modernized wording. It just updated the older language, making it a bit easier for me to follow. But the writing style still felt like it was in same same vein (Pun intended) as Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Now this is a short read, but felt muc

Fabularnie przeciętnie, filozoficznie i metaforycznie bardzo interesujące

Oldschool schizophrenia

That created a whole subgenre
The options are sheer endless, because everything is possible with such a main character(s). Who is/are they, what is real or just fiction, how long is which personality taking control, who is the really good or bad character, what is their motiv

55 pages later and I’m still convinced that Robert Louis Stevenson named his characters this way exclusively so he could fit in the line “if he shall be Mr. Hyde, I shall be Mr. Seek!” and honestly? that’s iconic.

Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortun

حقا انها اشياء لا تشترى
فكلنا تزورنا الكوابيس و لكن هل نستخلص منها روائع روائية مثل ستيفنسون ؟

الفصام..مرض منتشر أكثر مما نتخيل..و هناك شعرة منه بداخل كل منا !! قد يكون في صورة تقلبات مزاجية بسيطة أو حادة
..و قد يكون في تلك الصورة العبقرية المريعة التي رسمها ستيفنسون في قصته الفريدة. .و التي بدأت بكاب

”It came about that Edward Hyde was so much smaller, slighter, and younger than Henry Jekyll. Even as good shone upon the countenance of the one, evil was written broadly and plainly on the face of the other. Evil besides (which I must still believe to be the lethal side of man) had left on that bod


This edition came with two stories, "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "The Bottle Imp," and they were both awesome let's talk about them. I'm so excited I can't contain myself.

- So. Well. Crafted. From beginning to end the story wa

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