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The Dragon and the Raven

G. A. Henty

Book Overview: 

During the reign of King Alfred, Danish forces have invaded the English countryside. Although the English try to repulse these attacks, they are overrun by the savagery and sheer numbers of the Danes.

One of those deeply touched by these attacks is young Edmund. As a boy, he watched as his father was slain in battle fighting the Danes. Although young, he was intelligent, and noted the mistakes made on the battlefield. As he grew into a man, he put that knowledge into use and created a uniquely trained group of soldiers and built a new, stronger ship called the Dragon. Manning this ship with his special soldiers, Edmund joins the battle for freedom from Danish oppression. His adventures take him all throughout Europe and lead to glory, wealth, and eventually love.

Recommended for fans of Game of Thrones.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .nced against them, and fourteen days after the battle of Ashdown the struggle was renewed. The fight lasted for many hours, but towards nightfall the Saxons were compelled to retreat, moving off the field, however, in good order, so that no spoil fell into the hands of the Danes.

This check was a great disappointment to the Saxons, who after their late victory had hoped that they should speedily clear the kingdom of the Danes. These, indeed, taught prudence by the manner in which the West Saxons had fought, for a while refrained from plundering excursions. Two months later the Saxons were again called to arms. Somerled, a Danish chieftain, had again advanced to Reading, and had captured and burned the town. The king marched against him, and the two armies met at Merton. Here another desperate battle took place.

During the first part of the day the Saxons were victorious over both the divisions of the Danish army, but in the afternoon the latter . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This was a book I had to read for school and I must say I enjoyed it, it was a nice story that told the history surrounding that time period in a fantastic way. It was a rather straight forward style of writing with okay dialogue, the further I got the more sucked in I was.

G.A Henty's stories are aimed at boys and are super patriotic, to the point of offending those that aren't British. As a result, all his heroes are blond boys. Thankfully, this is believable in The Dragon and the Raven, unlike The Cat of Bubastes (really, a blond boy in Ancient Egypt?). Apart from b

5 stars & 5/10 hearts. I love this book so much. Edmund is such a great character—so mature and manly and steady. I love Freda too, and Seigbert, and Egbert too. (Can we just appreciate all the lovely Saxon names? :D). I also really love King Alfred—such a hero. And then it’s all about the Vikings/D

All I can say is: I'm so glad we're finally finished with this book. I have heard so many homeschoolers rave about G.A. Henty, and we have tried off and on over the years to read him. The problem is I just don't find him an inspiring writer. He includes so many details and descriptions that are not

This has an amazing plot, however, it brushes over plot in favor of more detail to historical fact that as far as a work of fiction, I found it sorely lacking, but as an informative historical work with fiction, it is very precise and enlightening of the time that built ours.

If it were a bit better

I read a lot of Henty when I was around twelve. This is classic brit lit for boys jingoistic and sensational. Lots of fun if you are the right age.

Had so much fun listening to this with Ryan. :)

I found this book while wandering the aisles at my local library a few weeks ago. Sometimes, I don't go with a certain book in mind. I just walk passed the search computers (remember when you had to know how to use a card catalog?), and just start looking at books at random. I've stumbled across a f

My first read of G.A. Henty’s 140 or so books, I came away somewhat satisfied.

The main character, fictional Edmund, is placed in the historical events of King Alfred’s early reign when the Danish Vikings were plundering and overrunning divided England. Edmund, through discipline of himself and his m

Number 10 on my Progressive Reading Challenge list, The Dragon and The Raven Or: The Day Of King Alfred is a story of England before it was England, back in the years when the Saxons were dealing with the marauding Danes in the mid- to late 800's. Our hero Edmund is just fourteen years old as the st

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