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A Double Barrelled Detective Story

Mark Twain

Book Overview: 

A Double Barrelled Detective Story is a novel by Mark Twain, in which Sherlock Holmes finds himself in the American west.

At a mining camp in California, Fetlock Jones, a nephew of Sherlock Holmes, kills his master, a silver-miner, by blowing up his cabin. Since this occurs when Holmes happens to be visiting, he brings his skills to bear upon the case and arrives at logically worked conclusions that are proved to be abysmally wrong by an amateur detective with an extremely keen sense of smell, which he employs in solving the case. This could be seen as yet another piece where Twain tries to prove that life does not quite follow logic.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mexico was a New-Englander, with a head full of crotchets, and preferred greenbacks to gold or drafts. People thought it queer, since a draft on New York could produce greenbacks quite conveniently. There was talk of this odd thing, but only for a day; that is as long as any topic lasts in Denver.

I was watching, all the time. As soon as the sale was completed and the money paid—which was on the 11th—I began to stick to Fuller's track without dropping it for a moment. That night—no, 12th, for it was a little past midnight—I tracked him to his room, which was four doors from mine in the same hall; then I went back and put on my muddy day-laborer disguise, darkened my complexion, and sat down in my room in the gloom, with a gripsack handy, with a change in it, and my door ajar. For I suspected that the bird would take wing now. In half an hour an old woman passed by, carrying a grip; I caught the familiar whiff, and followed with my grip, . . . Read More

Community Reviews

As someone that has read all of the Sherlock Holmes canon, I was doubtful that I would like a parody in which Holmes is described in the following manner: "Anybody that knows him the way I do knows he can't detect a crime except where he plans it all out beforehand and arranges the clues and hires s

Eh. This story had potential, but ultimately fell flat. I was disappointed because Twain does such a clever job sometimes, but this one was pretty weak.

This novella from Mark Twain is a beautifully written story, written in the same inimitable style that has made Twain so famous. Whilst not as in depth or engrossing as a Tom Sawyer, this book is a cleverly written and thoroughly enjoyable read. Twain’s dry wit is the main star or the tale, with mos

- If you used to read the stories of Charlek Holmes and have been shocked by his ability to link events, find hidden evidence and the development of mental implications... You have to read this story to see what Mark Twain did!!!!

- A mixture of irony and suspense in a manner that only Twain can do i

It's incredible the perverse kind of delight we experience in seeing our heroes outsmarted. Even when it's Sherlock Homes.
The story wasn't great, but it surely was new. And whatever he writes, Twain is always so adorable, it's not really possible to resist him.

I did not enjoyed reading this book at all. I felt the story was poorly written. The humor I was hoping for in this satirical take on detective stories was nowhere to be found. There were a scene or two which made me laugh but the rest was all confusing and felt incredibly lame, even for a story tha

Sherlock ayrıntısı çok iyiydi. Mark abi, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle'u "verarschen" yapmış yahu, iyiydi. Bu kelimeyle ifade edebildim ancak kafamdaki düşünceleri. Bkz. Herhangi Almanca- Türkçe Sözlük .

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