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The Door Through Space

Marion Zimmer Bradley

Book Overview: 

At one time Race Cargill had been the best Terran Intelligence agent on the complex and mysterious planet of Wolf. He had repeatedly imperiled his life amongst the half-human and non-human creatures of the sullen world. And he had repeatedly accomplished the fantastic missions until his name was emblazoned with glory.

But that had all seemingly ended. For six long years he’d sat behind a boring desk inside the fenced-in Terran Headquarters, cut off there ever since he and a rival had scarred and ripped each other in blood-feud.

But when THE DOOR THROUGH SPACE swung suddenly open, the feud was on again—and with it a plot designed to check and destroy the Terran Empire.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mack acts tough, but he has five kids and he is as soft as a dish of pudding where a kid is concerned.

"I know. Another thing, too. If we send out Spaceforce, after all the riots—how many Terrans are on this planet? A few thousand, no more. What chance would we have, if it turned into a full-scale rebellion? None at all, unless we wanted to order a massacre. Sure, we have bombs and dis-guns and all that.

"But would we dare to use them? And where would we be after that? We're here to keep the pot from boiling over, to keep out of planetary incidents, not push them along to a point where bluff won't work. That's why we've got to pick up Rakhal before this gets out of hand."

I said, "Give me a month. Then you can move in, if you have to. Rakhal can't do much against Terra in that time. And I might be able to keep Rindy out of it."

Magnusson stared at me, hard-eyed. "If you do this against my advice, I won't be able to step in and pu. . . Read More

Community Reviews

2.3⭐ Old-ish style science fiction/fantasy, where spaceships and swords co-exist comfortably. If I'd read this back in the day ( mid 60's) I would have liked it just fine, with it's secret agents, creepy aliens and hints of debauched sexuality ( drug fuelled religious orgies and barely clad wanton w

Actually 3.5 rounded up.

It's space opera, sort of planet-leave version, and you get pretty much what you expect. The science is basically magic, the plot has crater-sized holes, the characters skip from adventure to adventure without ever posing to think about their actions or about anything else,

5/10 en 2012.
Novelita de 200 pags del 65 de esta autora bastante apreciada por mí.
En su día estaba colgadito de su saga de Darkover (Fantasía). Hace no mucho re-leí parte de uno de estos libros y me resultó simplón, pero como estoy manteniendo la nota que les puse en su día, pues queda la autora con

This book was Marion Zimmer Bradley's first published novel. Although this is a standalone novel many of the ideas in this book will appear in her later works. This book was a great read and I can see why Marion Zimmer Bradley became one of the top writers of science fiction and fantasy.
In this one

This little book is listed as science fiction, but is far closer to fantasy. It's Bradley's second -- not first, as is commonly said -- "novel" in print (we'll call it a novel though it doesn't make 40,000 words), and though yes, you can see the writer who would develop across future years, I'm rath

Great book! The setting is great and the characters are intricate and vibrant. The plot is intriguing and kept me on the edge of my seat. The barren alien world of Wolf is an amazing example of world-building that hearkens back to Burroughs, Brackett, Kline, and Moore. I recommend this book to anyon

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