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The Dog Crusoe and His Master

R. M. Ballantyne

Book Overview: 

This is a story of an adventure involving a young man, his dog, and two friends. Together they wander through the Western prairies on a mission to make peace between the “pale-faces” and the “Red men”. They face many perils and become heroes many times over. This wonderful story takes the characters (and the reader) on an action-packed journey through the Western prairies during the times when relations between the white man and the Natives were not always peaceful.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .BR>
"A prairie-hen," remarked Joe, as Crusoe laid the
bird at Dick's feet; "capital for supper."

"Ah! dat chien is superb! goot dog. Come here, I
vill clap you."

But Crusoe refused to be caressed. Meanwhile, Joe
and Dick formed a sort of beehive-looking hut by
bending down the stems of a tall bush and thrusting
their points into the ground. Over this they threw the
largest buffalo robe, and placed another on the ground
below it, on which they laid their packs of goods.
These they further secured against wet by placing
several robes over them and a skin of parchment. Then
they sat down on this pile to rest, and consider what
should be done next.

"'Tis a bad look-out," said Joe, shaking his head.

"I fear it is," replied Dick in a melancholy tone.

Henri said nothing, but he sighed deeply on looking
up at the sky, which was now of a uniform watery gray,
while bl. . . Read More

Community Reviews

When young frontiersman Dick Varley wins a Newfoundland puppy named Crusoe in a shooting contest, he finds himself the best of all possible companions.

Huge like all his breed, trained for two years into a great hunter and swimmer, 'he seemed to prefer a quiet walk with Dick Varley to anything else

Una puta mierda racista y aburridísima. El perro Crusoe (Robinson en la versión española que yo tengo, porque la industria editorial es Una Cosa) y su amo Dick van por las praderas del Oeste sufriendo los engaños de los malvados indios, exterminando a especies enteras a escopetazos y... bueno, en re

4.5 stars & 5/10 hearts. I really enjoyed this book, just like all of Ballentyne’s books. It was humorous, interesting, exciting, and had some really good spiritual content. I’m enjoying this author more and more! Crusoe was amazing (and Grumps too xD) and the trappers were just hilarious sometimes.

I picked up this book because a 90 year old friend told me it was her very favourite book as a kid. Well. I should have been prepared for it but I wasn't ...I'm talking about the political incorrectness. Yikes. Words we do not use today at all. Made my skin crawl.
Aside from that the language is inte

A healthy dose of biology and historical times with a biblical message as well. Tons of action and adventure. Thoroughly enjoyed.

3.5 stars

A bit of a swashbuckler in feel but set in the old western plains about a youth and his dog. Ballantyne writes energetic fiction that rarely tends to snooze (Coral Island did snooze a bit, but it was still good) and would be a top favorite author if he didn't occasionally trade believabilit

I would give it a 7 out of 10

I loved this book, although I have my reservations about how realistic the supercanine intelligence of the Newfoundland may be. But a thundering good read.

This was a great book of adventures. Traveling away from home for the first time, visiting different Indian tribes, some friendly, some not so friendly and some outright hostile. Also I liked the description of the nature around and the encounters of the different animals, especially the first encou

I am exhausted. I have been so busy with Crusoe and his master Dick Varley, you would not believe. A shooting match to get us all together in the first place, a trip out into the Great Plains when they were still GREAT, hunting buffalo, exploring in the Rocky Mountains, storms, Indians, narrow escap

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