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In Desert and Wilderness

Henryk Sienkiewicz

Book Overview: 

In Desert and Wilderness is a novel for children by Polish author and Nobel Prize-winning novelist Henryk Sienkiewicz. It tells the story of two children, Staś Tarkowski and Nel Rawlison, and their adventures as they cross the African desert and jungle. During the journey they face lions, leopards and malaria, make friends with desert tribespeople and an elephant, and learn about some harsh realities of life. An unusual "coming of age" story!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Aha!" he thought, "yesterday there was a hurricane and we are kidnapped, and this is a cave in which we sought shelter from the rain."

And he began to gaze around. At first he observed with astonishment that the rain had passed away and that it was not at all dark in the cave, as it was illuminated by the moon which was about to set. In its pale beams could be seen the whole interior of that wide but shallow niche. Stas saw distinctly the Arabs lying beside each other, and under the other wall of the cave the white dress of Nell who was sleeping close to Dinah.

And again great tenderness possessed his heart.

"Sleep, Nell—sleep," he said to himself; "but I do not sleep, and must save her."

After this, glancing at the Arabs, he added in his soul:

"Ah! I do want to have all these rogues—"

Suddenly he trembled.

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Community Reviews

Po pierwsze Staś simpuje do małej dziewczynki, po drugie w późniejszym etapie podróży staje się również seryjnym mordercą. Nel udaje księżniczkę a tak na prawdę to ma całą tą wyprawę gdzieś. Porywacze mają ich dość po pierwszych minutach. Dzieci są tak niezdolne do życia samodzielnie że pies musi ic

nie rozumiem fenomenu. pierwsza połowa super. potem nel jakaś pick me love me choose me. zasnęlam czytając.

najwieksze gowno, ale wsm to zwierxeta byly spoko:)

Về phương diện văn học thì không phải bàn. Quyển sách đầy tính phiêu lưu mạo hiểm, nhiều tình tiết ly kỳ, và các chi tiết mô tả thiên nhiên cực kỳ tỉ mỉ và kỳ công, rất đẹp. Hiểu biết về địa lý, con người và vốn sống giúp ích rất nhiều cho tác giả trong quá trình sáng tác.

Sách cũng giúp các độc giả

This is my favorite book from childhood and no matter what everyone thinks or says, it deserves five stars :-)

Vrača me u djetinstvo :) This book brings me back to my childhood :)

Ovo je jedna od onih knjiga za koju su mi vezana najranija secanja kada mi je baka citala knjige posto sam nisam znao da citam. Samim tim tesko mi je da budemobjektivan sa ovakvim stavrima pa necu ni biti :P

Knjiga je odlicna avanturisticna prica za mladju ali i stariju publiku koja prikazuje sve lep

I found the movie on Netflix last year and then saw it was based on a book. It was written in Polish about 1905 and translated in 1911. It was really gripping and kept me thinking what else is going to happen and how are they going to get out of that situation. I like books like this and Out of Afri

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