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The Defiant Agents

Andre Norton

Book Overview: 

Travis Fox and a band of fellow Apache AmerIndians have their racial memories and survival abilities enhanced by the Redax machine and are sent to the planet Topaz, one of the few worlds of the ancient star empire that the US has voyage tapes to. But the Reds have “snooped” the tapes and get there first, and have a nasty surprise waiting for any ship that does not have the proper identification. Travis and some of his fellow Apaches survive the ensuing crash landing…but can they defeat the Reds and win Topaz for themselves?

It is book 3 in the Time Traders series by Andre Norton.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .So far their protests had been fewer than he anticipated. Although brothers and sisters had followed each other into the team after the immemorial desire of Apaches to cling to family ties, they were not a true clan with solidity of that to back them, but representatives of half a dozen.

Basically, back on Terra, they had all been among the most progressive of their people—progressive, that is, in the white man's sense of the word. Travis had a fleeting recognition of his now oblique way of thinking. He, too, had been marked by the Redax. They had all been educated in the modern fashion and all possessed a spirit of adventure which marked them over their fellows. They had volunteered for the team and successfully passed the tests to weed out the temperamentally unfit or fainthearted. But all that was before Redax....

Why had they been submitted to that? And why this flight? What had pushed Dr. Ashe and Murdock and Colonel Kelgarries, time agents he. . . Read More

Community Reviews

second read - 30 June 2013 - *** I've been re-reading Andre Norton's 1950s series The Time Traders, that I first read when I was 13 or something like that. They are simplistic, of course, but I am enjoying re-experiencing the adventures. I downloaded all four novels from Amazon in kindle format for

Andre Norton took Travis Fox and ran away with him to another planet, all on his own; when he had been one of three characters, he wasn't very noticeable - but in this setting, all on his own, he clearly stands out and shines. I quite liked the mysteries here, and all the little things that added up

This is the third book in Andre Norton's 'Time Traders" series.

The series consist of:

The Time Traders (1958)
Galactic Derelict (1959)
The Defiant Agents (1962)
Key Out of Time (1963)
Firehand (1994) (with Pauline M Griffin)
Echoes in Time (1999) (with Sherwood Smith)
Atlantis Endgame (2002) (with Sherwood

Early Bird Books Deal | Let down by too many impossibilities, the story does still grab the attention. | If I'd accidentally read these books out of order and started with this one, I almost certainly would not have continued with the series. There's too much here that's ridiculous. In the short tim

Silly premise for a story, but it was still enjoyable.

The second book in the Time Traders series which I also had on my Kindle, I began this one after reading Time Traders. It was perfect vacation reading and one that I hadn't read before.

One of Andre Norton's friends wondered why there were no sf books with Apaches in them so she obligingly wrote this

The very first SF book I read was Andre Norton's "The Defiant Agents." I was thirteen at the time and my mother bought it for me by mistake. By that, I mean she opened it at random and read, "fresh hoof prints" and thought, "Lyn will enjoy this, it's about horses."

LOL nope, it was about time agents

I'm torn. Andre Norton's "The Defiant Agents" (the third in her "Time Traders" series) is well-written at the technical level: the story follows its premise nicely and the world and characters are reasonably done. But, the premise and setup are, in a word, stupid. Here are the problems (and all of t

Good read.

Andre Norton was the author who awakened my love for reading. Every one of her books is like revisiting an old friend.

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