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Dead Men's Money

J. S. Fletcher

Book Overview: 

This classic mystery produces its first dead body during a clandestine midnight meeting. Already nothing is what it seems…

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .y questions?" he inquired.

"Yes," said the solicitor. He turned to Mr. Ridley. "You heard what the witness Hugh Moneylaws said?—that Gilverthwaite mentioned on his coming to Berwick that he had kinsfolk buried in the neighbourhood? You did? Well, Mr. Ridley, do you know if there are people of that name buried in your churchyard?"

"There are not," replied Mr. Ridley promptly. "What is more, the name Gilverthwaite does not occur in our parish registers. I have a complete index of the registers from 1580, when they began to be kept, and there is no such name in it. I can also tell you this," he added, "I am, I think I may say, something of an authority on the parish registers of this district—I have prepared and edited several of them for publication, and I am familiar with most of them. I do not think that name, Gilverthwaite, occurs in any of them."

"What do you deduce from that, now?" asked the. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The author of this fairly effective old school mystery certainly did his best to establish a sinister streak into his story early on, introducing both a man with only one eye and another with two fingers missing from his hand.

J. S. Fletcher was clearly following the mystery blueprint of Conan Doyle

Dead Men’s Money is my first J. S. Fletcher mystery. The novel dates to the golden age of mystery writing, the nineteen-twenties and -thirties, and is an appealing “cozy.” When I read books from this era I always enjoy picturing the hissing steam engines, compartmented passenger coaches, and smoky r

A young solicitor's clerk, Hugh Moneylaws, is intrigued by Mr Gilverhwaite, a mysterious stranger who takes lodgings at his mother's house in Berwick-Upon-Tweed. The man appears to be not short of money and keeps himself to himself, although he spends a lot of time examining parish registers and gra

Excellent book

Great read. Cute english drama

The story line was well written. It kept you guessing. My only problem was Maisie. I kind had it figured out but the actual turn of events caught me off guard. Good read based on the English side of the Scotland border. Language was G+.mp

Very good rread

A fine story and good suspense. Would read more of his work.
I am very glad to have fun into it.

Another fast-paced murder mystery by J.S. Fletcher. It was first published in 1920, and has just the right stock of truly good characters, balanced by a couple of nasties. A young apprentice solicitor in a rural English town bordering Scotland, is riding his bike through lonely stretches of countrys

Really 3 and 1/2 stars, due to an abrupt ending. Fast-paced 1920 mystery told in the first person. A strange lodger in Hugh's mother's boardinghouse sends Hugh to meet a man at midnight, because the lodger is too ill to go himself. At his destination Hugh finds a man murdered, and upon returning fin

Hugh Moneylaws a lawyer's clerk, on an errand for his mother's lodger discovers a body. Mr. Lindsey, the lawyer and Hugh attempt to unravel the mystery if his name and make sense of everything that follows, as Hugh is not really the brightest of people. But an enjoyable tale, set and written in 1919

Another quiet little cozy from Fletcher. His books always deliver good characters, a couple of well handled twists, and nice quiet plot. No blood. No gore. No sex. Perfect as a "palate cleanser" after a week spent immersed in modern and classic noir.

Every time I finish one of his books, I ask the s

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