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The Day of the Boomer Dukes

Frederik Pohl

Book Overview: 

Just as medicine is not a science, but rather an art--a device, practised in a scientific manner, in its best manifestations--time-travel stories are not science fiction. Time-travel, however, has become acceptable to science fiction readers as a traditional device in stories than are otherwise admissible in the genre. Here, Frederik Pohl employs it to portray the amusingly catastrophic meeting of three societies.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I then believed that it would be better to return "home," as you say, in order to more adequately research the matter.

However, the five young men came toward me again. The one who had spoken before, who I now detected was somewhat taller and fatter than the others, spoke as follows: "You're wanting the Mafia?" I agreed. He looked at me for a moment. "Are you holding?"

He was inordinately hard to understand. I said, slowly and with patience, "Keska that 'holding' say?"

"Money, man. You going to slip us something to help you find these cats?"

"Certainly, money. I have a great quantity of money instantly available," I rejoined him. This appeared to relieve his mind.

There was a short pause, directly after which this first of the young men spoke: "You're on, man. Yeah, come with us. What's to call you?" I queried this last statement, and he expanded: "The name. What's the name?"

"You ma. . . Read More

Community Reviews

You'd figure that folks from the future would prohibit tourist time travel in order to avoid a repetition of the California incident after all.

The switching of perspectives was good but as someone from the 21st century it was difficult to separate the 1950's jargon from the 'future' jargon since they both sound equally alien to me.

This was a fun time travel romp with tons of potential for a great story, but it was sadly cut off before it could really roll on into a fully fleshed-out tale.

A young (human? alien? it wasn't totally clear) seeks to escape the boredom of his home time by traveling backwards and allying himself wit

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