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The Confession

Mary Roberts Rinehart

Book Overview: 

When Agnes Blakiston rented the old parsonage at Miss Emily's request she soon came to regret it. Was the house haunted? Did Miss Emily have a secret so terrible she would rather die than reveal it? To find the answers you will need to listen.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Mother told me you were here. By George, Miss Agnes, you look younger than ever."

"Who told you to come, Martie?" I asked.

"Told me? I don't have to be told to visit an old friend."

Well, he asked himself to lunch, and looked over the house, and decided to ask Miss Emily if she would sell an old Japanese cabinet inlaid with mother of pearl that I would not have had as a gift. And, in the end, I told him my trouble, of the fear that seemed to center around the telephone, and the sleep-walking.

He listened carefully.

"Ever get any bad news over the telephone?" he asked.

One way and another, I said I had had plenty of it. He went over me thoroughly, and was inclined to find my experience with the flour rather amusing than otherwise. "It's rather good, that," he said. "Setting a trap to catch yourself. You'd better have Maggie sleep in your room for a while. Well, it's all pretty plain, Miss Agnes. We bury som. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I maybe would've liked this a wee bit better if it wasn't my, I don't know, fourth or fifth Mary Roberts Rinehart? She definitely had a groove and, while not completely sticking to it, moved pretty comfortably in it for multiple books. i.e., older lady and her less-educated companion rent a remote h

The story took some time to be interesting. A lot of fear and superstition. And then a lot of things happening in the night which were unexplained.

Miss Emily persuades Miss Agnes to rent her house for the summer. It was uncharacteristic of her to even leave her home at all. After Miss Agnes and her

Quintessential Mary Roberts Rinehart!

I love all of her books but especially love the ones where she and Maggie are a team. Can’t go wrong with this.

A short enjoyable mystery with a bit of humor and suspense. This book was a perfect read for this rainy day.

I've finished reading The Confession by Mary Roberts Rinehart. I think this is the third time I've read it through the years. Miss Rinehart was a master of suspense. The book drew the reader along, disclosing clues as the story progressed, until the ending which tied everything together. Needless to

It is as if the author plucks a string on the first page of the book, thus leaving her reader suspended, waiting for the note to resolve, the tension to release, an answer to appear. Yet until the finish, we revel in the suspense, as Rinehart strings us along and we wait, just as we would for a long

A short read. I didn't really feel that there was much of a mystery going on. And the beginning was probably supposed to be suspenseful or creepy, but it just made me laugh. Which was fine with me. :p

Having never read any books by this author, I have to say it was an enjoyable classic mystery. I liked the creepy parts yet she added a touch of humor to the book at times. The characters were likable and this was an all around well written story.

It was a fairly short book that I was able to read i

I think you're either a Rinehart fan or you're not. Her books are dated, but whether you consider them quaint and charming or absurd is a matter of personal taste. Certainly her over-the-top, had-I-but-known style is a thing of the past. I like them for the reason that I like most old mysteries. No

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