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The Club of Queer Trades

G. K. Chesterton

Book Overview: 

A collection of six wonderfully quirky detective stories, featuring the ‘mystic’ former judge Basil Grant. Each story reveals a practitioner of an entirely new profession, and member of the Club of Queer Trades.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .The Major and she are living as happily as birds, in an absurd villa, and the former has taken to smoking. Otherwise he is unchanged—except, perhaps, there are moments when, alert and full of feminine unselfishness as the Major is by nature, he falls into a trance of abstraction. Then his wife recognizes with a concealed smile, by the blind look in his blue eyes, that he is wondering what were the title-deeds, and why he was not allowed to mention jackals. But, like so many old soldiers, Brown is religious, and believes that he will realize the rest of those purple adventures in a better world.

Chapter 2. The Painful Fall of a Great Reputation

Basil Grant and I were talking one day in what is perhaps the most perfect place for talking on earth—the top of a tolerably deserted tramcar. To talk on the top of a hill is superb, but to talk on the top of a flying hill is a fairy tale.

The vast blank space of Nort. . . Read More

Community Reviews

2.5 stars. This is a small collection of interconnected stories that highlight a particular "queer" trade that in the contemporary world would be considered odd at best and crazy by most. Some of the stories were delightfully funny but others fell flat for me. Most put our narrator and his two frien

Not queer as in LGBTQXYZ or whatever

At the time Chesterton wrote these stories, queer was a useful and perfectly acceptable word meaning odd, strange, unusual, etc. It was highjacked, beginning in about the 1920's with the word applied to themselves by homosexuals. The meaning changed to one of scor

Born into a middle-class family, Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) was a British writer of both fiction and nonfiction, much of the latter on religious subjects. (He was a staunch advocate for classical Christianity, ultimately converting to Roman Catholicism from High Anglicanism in 1922.) Artis

C’è una parola che mi si affaccia nel cervello ogni volta che mi gusto un Chesterton, e questa parola è delicatezza.

Chesterton aveva un dono del tutto peculiare e di cui credo abbia avuto modo di ringraziarLo lungamente, dopo la dipartita dal mondo terreno: la capacità di dipingere con pennellate qu

Bizzarra e divertente questa piccola raccolta di storie, devo però dire di averla trovata un po’ ripetitiva e contraddittoria, come il solitario ma estroverso protagonista. È stato curioso assistere ogniqualvolta dove andasse a parare la “stravaganza” di turno, anche se non sempre il mestiere in que

<< Πρόκειται για μια εκκεντρική μποέμικη λέσχη που θέτει μόνο έναν αλλά αποκλειστικό όρο για την εγγραφή, ότι ο υποψήφιος πρέπει να έχει επινοήσει αυτός ο ίδιος τον τρόπο με τον οποίο κερδίζει τα προς το ζην. Πρώτον δεν πρέπει να πρόκειται για απλή εφαρμογή ή παραλλαγή ενός ήδη γνωστού επαγγέλματος

There are very few writers that write detective fiction in the same way as Chesterton. On the face of it, his set up is often quite usual. The Club of Queer Trades has a somewhat similar set up as the Sherlock Holmes stories, an brilliant independent investigator is followed by the narrator, though

How even to review this? And what exactly is the point? For that matter, what was the point of it being written? It certainly wasn't a necessary book. I don't believe the great Catholic ever sat down and said, "How to save England and the rest of the world? Ah, this will do the trick." And if I'm mi

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