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Cleek of Scotland Yard

Thomas W. Hanshew

Book Overview: 

Hamilton Cleek is back - or is he?

Margot, Queen of the Apaches (the notorious French criminal gang) has been released on bail and vanished, Mr. Narkom has a series of inexplicable murders to solve, there is talk of revolution in Mauravania. And Cleek is missing.

Hold on to your hats for another thrilling ride as spying, murder, horse-napping, bombs and political intrigue rear their ugly heads.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .gam district stuck thick with them as spangles on a Nautch girl’s veil. The Bareva for a ducat! The Bareva Reef or I’m a Dutchman! And Barrington-Edwards was in that with the rest. So was Peabody; so was Miles; and so, too, were Lieutenant Edgburn and the Spaniard, Juan Alvarez. Eight of them, b’gad—eight! And I was ass enough to forget, idiot enough not to catch the connection until I heard again of Jim Peabody’s web foot! But wait! Stop—there should be another marked foot if this is indeed a clue to the riddle, and so——”

He stopped short in his restless pacing and faced round on Mr. Narkom.

“Tell me something,” he said in a sharp staccato. “The four other dead men—did any among them have an injured foot—the left or the right, I forget which—from 52 which all toes but the big one had been torn off by a crocodile’s bite, so that in life the fellow must have. . . Read More

Community Reviews

If someone could do me the favor of explaining how someone could rate Cleek as less than four stars I'd be grateful.
Cleek needs to be made into a TV show. I am fairly certain people would love it. A period drama, full of mystery. Some parts would be episodic with an over-arcing story line, while oth

Excellent author

Mr Hanshew captures the age this story is set in. Well written account of a shrewd man solving difficult cases. He enshrines what is good and Godley in a man and exposes the evil for what it is.

Interesting book and story.

A little cheeky at times and hard to follow the ol' style of speech. Read closely, or lose the little nuggets (if any) that might be considered clues.

The story is a Sherlock Holmes type mystery, but with several pieces of the puzzle missing OE unexplained

If you are a Sherlockian fan, then you will enjoy this book by author Thomas W. Hanshew (1857 – 1914). He was an American actor and writer, born in Brooklyn, N. Y.
While I enjoyed the stories, I found it hard to decipher the strong British dialect at time's which my kindle's features failed to aid in

Fun to read.


Mostly independent short sections in this hybrid adventure-mystery, the last (or close to the last?) in a series. Cleek is a master of disguise, an able assistant to the head of Scotland Yard, and a former criminal, the "Vanishing Cracksman". He's pursued by vengeful Apaches and ruritanians. He's al

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