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City of Endless Night

Milo M. Hastings

Book Overview: 

An example of early dystopian science fiction written shortly after World War I, "City of Endless Night" imagines a future with a very different ending to the Great War. Set in 2151 and in an underground Berlin, our protagonist is Lyman De Forrest, an American chemist who enters the city to discover the hidden truths of a forbidden metropolis. The subterranean world hosts a highly-regimented society of 300,000,000 sun-starved humans. As the first outsider to enter, he's horrified by what he finds, but will he accomplish his mission and escape the living tomb?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Go as I might among the electrical works, among the vast factories of chemicals and goods, the lighter labor of the textile mills, or the heavier, noisier business of the mineral works and machine shops the same system of colossal coordinate mechanism of production throbbed ceaselessly. Materials flowed in endless streams, feeding electric furnaces, mills, machines; passing out to packing tables and thence to vast store rooms. Industry here seemed endless and perfect. The bovine humanity fitted to the machinery as the ox to the treadmill. Everywhere was the ceaseless throbbing of the machine. Of the human variation and the free action of man in labour, there was no evidence, and no opportunity for its existence.

Turning from the mere monotonous endlessness of the workshops I made my way to the levels above where the workers lived in those hours when they ceased to be a part of the industrial mechanism of production; and everywhere were drab-coloured men for thes. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I try to be very chary with the five stars, but I have to say I found this book breathtaking. I think that mostly has to do with the eery accuracy of his predictions.

My copy, published by Wildside Press, had no original publication information, only reading "This edition published in 2006 by Wildsi

CITY OF ENDESS NIGHT by Milo Hastings -- Written just after World War I, Hastings envisions a future set in 2151, one in which Germany was not defeated in WWII. The world proceeds on with its political divisions and WWII, after which an undefeated Germany organizes itself as a huge metropolitan city

Written a hundred years ago, City of Endless Night is a dystopian novel set in future Berlin. In this future, Berlin has isolated itself from the rest of the world through a protective dome. They feed their people through a synthetic food. Every aspect of their lives are controlled to obscene levels

 A little of this goes a very long way, January 8, 2016

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This review is from: City of Endless Night (Kindle Edition)

Mr. Hastings imagines a horrible future for a fragment of Germany in this story of an alternate ending to WW1. A lot of discussion of various forms of government and phi

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