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Christ's Object Lessons

Ellen G. White

Book Overview: 

An approachable explanation of the main parables used by Jesus Christ to teach His disciples how to live. Notably, this discussion highlights how the spiritual truths of Jesus' teaching were illustrated by everyday occurrences which would have been familiar to his hearers, such as sowing and harvesting grain, making bread, and searching for a lost coin. Included in this collection are explanations of The Parable of the Sower, The Pearl of Great Price, the Shrewd Manager, the Parable of the Talents, Lazarus and the Rich Man and others, followed by a general discussion of Christ's teachings on Prayer and the Love of God.

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Community Reviews

Christ's Object Lessons is a very good commentary on Jesus' many parables throughout the gospels. It expounds on the ideas contained within the parables and relates them to various other passages in the Bible. Christ's Object Lessons is a very challenging book in the sense that it shows just how hig

It really is a book full of Lessons....
I learned a lot...
About myself, about real Christian living, and found myself wanting to change....wanting to truely embody the meaning of the title "Christian"
This book would be of much help in the Church if all members were to read it.
It's time we, as Christi

Love it...directs us to God.

This book will guide anyone who reads it to

be a disciple, a follower of, Jesus Christ as nd His teachings. The author uses the parables that Jesus taught while He was here in earth to guide us into safe paths for our life.

An excellent book that opens the mind to a deeper understanding on the parables that Christ used, I got hold of this book while I was looking for the deeper meaning on the parable of the "Hidden treasure" , through this book I have been able to gain deeper insights and the call that is given to ever

Wonderful book that uplifts Christ Jesus

I found this book to be incredibly beneficial to read. I have been blessed by the words in this book. The Holy Spirit is always working on my heart. If you want to become more acquainted with the precious Savior, read this book and pray for the Spirit of truth

If you are wanting a breakdown of the parables-point by point look no further. This book is filled with additional a details that will enable your study and discussion in regards to the lessons that Jesus taught during his ministry on earth. My favorite parable is that of the great Samaritan because

The stories of the Master-- Jesus-- are the Parables of the Bible. Jesus used practical and familiar scenes, objects, and life events to illustrate ethical and spiritual concepts that he wanted the disciples (and, indeed, us) to "get" so as to live a contented life here on Earth and with the underst

This book is very powerful and really works well as a companion to this quarter's Adult Sabbath School Lesson Quarterly. The narrative on many of Jesus parables is eye opening and spiritually filling.

Various parables of Christ presented by Ellen White

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