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. . .aw of his own language increased precision and also increased clearness are required of him. The familiar use of logic, and the progress of science, have in these two respects raised the standard. But modern languages, while they have become more exacting in their demands, are in many ways not so well furnished with powers of expression as the ancient classical ones.

Such are a few of the difficulties which have to be overcome in the work of translation; and we are far from having exhausted the list. (6) The excellence of a translation will consist, not merely in the faithful rendering of words, or in the composition of a sentence only, or yet of a single paragraph, but in the colour and style of the whole work. Equability of tone is best attained by the exclusive use of familiar and idiomatic words. But great care must be taken; for an idiomatic phrase, if an exception to the general style, is of itself a disturbing element. No word, however expressive and exa. . . Read More

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[A singles bar in Athens. CHARMIDES, CRITAS, SOCRATES and OSCAR WILDE]

SOCRATES: ... Now consider again the nature of temperance.


SOCRATES: It's an ancient Greek term that doesn't translate well into English. [Aside] Zeus, he's hot!

CHARMIDES: Oh... right.

SOCRATES: Well, if you poss

On one level, this is just a primer by Socrates on how to pick up a hot guy. It's also a typical working of the Socratic method. People start out thinking they know something, but by the end, everyone sees they are better off now realizing that they know nothing at all. In one way, this dialogue is

Charmides, in real life, was a prominent Athenian who made some very bad choices and came to an unhappy end. In the chaos that followed Athens’ defeat by Sparta in the Peloponnesian Wars, he aligned himself with an oligarchy that came to be known as the Thirty Tyrants. The Tyrants established a brut

I dare say that what I am saying is nonsense, I replied; and yet if a man has any feeling of what is due to himself, he cannot let the thought which comes into his mind pass away unheeded and unexamined.


Socrates, who elsewhere is described as quite ugly, is hanging out in a wrestling gym wh

یکی از شگفت انگیز ترین محاورات افلاطون. موضوع محاوره درباره چیستی خویشتن داریه. پژوهش با شکست مواجه میشه اما در مسیر پژوهش اتفاقات عجیبی می افته. سقراط از تعریف ساده‌ی "خویشتن داری، سادگی و متانت است" به "خویشتن داری، شناساییِ شناسایی است" می رسه...شناساییِ شناسایی دقیقا چه معنایی میده؟ اینجا انگار

What Exactly is Self-Control?
20 December 2019

So, it looks like Socrates is now having a discussion about self-control, or to be more precise, the definition of the word sophrosune. One interesting note is that this word seems to come from sophos, which is Greek for wisdom, so it seems as if there i

This is one of the early inconclusive Socratic dialogues. Socrates, just come back from fighting in the Peloponnesian War, meets two of Plato’s relatives, Critias and Charmides. The latter of these is portrayed as a handsome youth, graceful of form and pure of mind. (Ironically enough, after the dis

I'm just going to have to spell this out: the author is a pedophile. There's no reasonable doubt about it.

Charmides, an early volume in the very popular Socrates series, is a particularly clear case. There's a kind of vague plot, but basically it's not much more a step-by-step manual in the art of s

متن واقعی این کتاب رو نخونده‌‌م و ترجمه‌ش بانگلیسی رو خونده‌م از بنجامین جوئت، لذا در مورد نثرش حرفی نمیزنم. کارمیدس اونطور که حدس زده‌ند و پذیرفته‌ند از دیالوگهای اولیه افلاطونه. قهرمان داستان دوباره سقراطه. سقراط از جنگ برمیگرده و میپرسه امردها کجان؟ کریتیاس هم میگه امردها زیادند ولی وایستا تا فام

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