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Charlotte's Inheritance

M. E. Braddon

Book Overview: 

A lesser known novel by the sensational English novelist, Charlotte's Inheritance opens in Paris in a dilapidated boarding house let to students by a scarcely adequate landlady. Enter Gustave, a young provincial, arriving in Paris supposedly to study law, but in reality as the proposed husband of the dour and unattractive daughter of his sponsor. Unable to tolerate the life arranged for him, Gustave quits the boarding house but recommends it to a mysterious young English widow who approaches him for assistance.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Captain said to himself; "he means to do me."

"And now about this Ullerton business," Mr. Sheldon began, when the wine and soda-water had been brought, and a tall tumbler of that refreshing compound filled for the Captain; "you have really managed matters admirably. I cannot too much applaud your diplomatic tact. You would have put a what's-his-name—that fellow of Napoleon's—to the blush by your management of the whole business. But, unfortunately, when it's all done it comes to nothing; the whole affair is evidently, from beginning to end, a mare's-nest. It is one of those wild geese which my brother George has been chasing for the last ten years, and which never have resulted in profit to him or anybody else; and I should be something worse than a fool if I were to lend myself any longer to such a folly."

"Humph," muttered the Captain, "here is a change indeed!"

"Well, yes," Mr. Sheldon answer. . . Read More

Community Reviews

For a while I was vacillating between 3 and 4 stars but only bcoz I loved the first part [Birds of Prey] which was perfect and this book was dragging a bit too much for my taste! Although I love meandering, rambling, poetic prose in old fashioned books- loads of characters and their individual stori

Charlotte's Inheritance is Part 2 of the intriguing story of Charlotte and her family and friends, with Birds of Prey being Part 1. The major plot theme revolves around hunting out the rightful descendant of a wealthy man whose large inheritance was waiting to be bestowed. And within that context th

I love love love M E Braddon - very melodramatic and outdated but the writing is intelligent and esoteric with many references to the classics. The goodies and baddies get their comeuppance. Highly recommend....more

Beware! This is the second of two fairly obscure Victorian novels which form one story. If you're tempted make sure you read "Birdsof Prey" first. I was fortunate enough to so, but I didn't know until I got to the end of the first book that it was "to be continued..." Could easily have got it the wr

I love ME Braddon and particularly enjoyed this one. I didn't know while I read it that it was the second novel in a story that starts with Birds of Prey, but it stands alone perfectly. This novel is quite Dickensian in its wide scope and characterisation, although with the added sensationalism that

This is the second part of the complete story of Charlotte Halliday, the first novel being Birds of Prey. I enjoyed this novel more than Birds of Prey. Indeed, this book could be a stand-alone read although Braddon does not take much time or effort to smooth the back story out for her readers.

Like p

I read this before my review days but before you read "Charlotte Inheritance" you must read the first book, "Birds of Prey", they are my ultimate favorite Mary Elizabeth Braddon reads. Both books are a whole story and " Birds of Prey" comes first. I loved "Lady Audley's Secret" but these two are bet

I read this book along with the first part, Birds of Prey, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s rather hard to review just this book, because the story picks up where the first book left off, so I'm lumping the two books together and considering them as one story.

I’ve been exploring various authors from