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The Case of the Golden Bullet

Grace Isabel Colbron and Auguste Groner

Book Overview: 

Joseph Muller, quiet mannered detective, tries to solve the mystery of a man who died in his study, by a bullet hole in the chest. But all windows and doors were locked, from the inside.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .nd they could see a little round hole in his shirt. The doctor opened the shirt bosom and pointed to a little wound in the Professor's left breast. There were scarcely three or four drops of blood visible. The hemorrhage had been internal.

"He must have died at once, without suffering," said the physician.

"He killed himself—he killed himself," murmured Johann, as if bewildered.

"It's strange that he should have found time to lay down the revolver before he died," remarked Horn. Johann put out his hand and raised the weapon before Horn could prevent him. "Leave that pistol where it was," commanded the commissioner. "We have to look into this matter more closely."

The doctor turned quickly. "You think it was a murder?" he exclaimed. "The doors were both locked on the inside—where could the murderer be?"

"I don't pretend to see him myself yet. But our rule is to leave things as they are discovered, until t. . . Read More

Community Reviews

First published in 1895, this German/Austrian murder mystery was translated into English by Grace Isabel Colbron. Joseph Muller is a detective of the same caliber as Sherlock Holmes, Hamilton Cleek and Inspector Clouseau (of Pink Panther fame) and, like all of them he has his flaws. It isn’t the arr

When a young professor is discovered shot to death in a room locked from the inside, the secret police call in Joseph Muller (I think that's the name), a brilliant detective with a somewhat fatal flaw; he often ends up feeling sorry for murderers and letting them go.

This is an old mystery, and the w

Easy short reading. This is the kind of stories I like. Not ambitious, easy and quick to read. The thing with these stories is that not always they leave you satisfied, good thing Groener wrote more Detective Miller stories.

The real mystery here is why I can't find them anywhere in the original German, only English translations...

A typical late 19th century detective story, good puzzle and Muller is quite an interesting character (though I wish the other characters had spent less time talking about how awesome he is) b

Like "The Case of the Lamp That Went Out," also by Frau. Auguste Groner and Grace Isabel Colbron and also featuring detective Joseph Muller, "The Case of the Golden Bullet" is a brisk, enjoyable read. Both books bring a humanistic element to the police procedural, a format that sometimes lends itsel

This installment of the Müller series is not terrible but nolt much good either. Müller is stuck with an "impossible" murder and we just sit around with him until he figures it out. We don't meet a wide cast of interesting characters or go to all manner of places. And the trick murder itself is not

It’s a decent little mystery if you don’t mind the detective being puffed all out of proportion. The first six minutes of a 90-minute book were nothing but grand eulogy then repeatedly throughout the book we are reminded of just how superior he is.
I think it might be the first detective story I’ve

Detective Joseph Muller solves the mystery of a professor found dead in his locked study...more