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Prosper Mérimée

Book Overview: 

On a trip to Spain in 1830, our narrator recounts his encounters with two strange characters: a thief named Don José Navarro and a beautiful Romani woman named Carmen...little does he know that soon, these two will be entangled in a tumultuous love affair that spells out tragedy for both parties.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .uay watch the bathers, straining their eyes, and seeing very little. Yet the white uncertain outlines perceptible against the dark-blue waters of the stream stir the poetic mind, and the possessor of a little fancy finds it not difficult to imagine that Diana and her nymphs are bathing below, while he himself runs no risk of ending like Acteon.

I have been told that one day a party of good-for-nothing fellows banded themselves together, and bribed the bell-ringer at the cathedral to ring the Angelus some twenty minutes before the proper hour. Though it was still broad daylight, the nymphs of the Guadalquivir never hesitated, and putting far more trust in the Angelus bell than in the sun, they proceeded to their bathing toilette—always of the simplest—with an easy conscience. I was not present on that occasion. In my day, the bell-ringer was incorruptible, the twilight was very dim, and nobody but a cat could have distinguished the difference between. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Mateo Falcone - un tată trebuie să hotărască soarta fiului său care, la doar 10 ani, a comis o faptă de neiertat în societatea corsicană. Fiul acum şi-a pierdut onoarea, va fi veşnic privit ca trădător şi Mateo trebuie să aleagă între dragostea pentru fiu şi pierderea onoarei întregii familii. Vâ...more

What I find most fascinating about the story is the author. Mérimée was clearly interested in the basic desires of man, but masks his work under a scholastic, moralizing tone. Despite all of that, we are still enthralled by the passion Carmen and Don Jose show, by their complex psychological prof...more

I love bad bitches, that's my fuckin' problem
- Prosper Mérimé-... er, A$AP Rocky

Mérimée loves bad bitches. Namely Carmen, Colomba, and the statuesque Venus d'Ille - the heroine-antagonist-exotics of his best stories in this collection. More generally, Mérimée is fascinated in his fiction by the c...more

When I read a story, I will write the review under the title. This Kindle version is fantastic with footnotes and easy navigation which is important to Kindle readers.

Muy buena la historia bien construida. Sin embargo debo confesar que me parecio quedarme con las ganas de más, la historia al ser buena tenía para más, los personajes Carmen y Don José, siento que pudo haber contado más, siento que no explotó más la historia de ellos, la pareja. Los construyó bie...more

آدم بدون اینکه خودش متوجه شود رذل میشود آقا. یک دختر زیبا باعث نابودی آدم میشود. آدم به خاطرش مبارزه میکند، بدبختی پشت بدبختی... و همه اینها بدون اینکه آدم بهش فکر کند اتفاق میافتد

Clásico misógino por excelencia, la novela de Mérimée sigue siendo una mirada lúcida y bastante realista sobre la vida, la muerte y la mujer --o, más bien, la vida, la mujer y la muerte, en un sentido cronológico. Resulta curioso, a propósito, que el creador del arquetipo español de la femme fata...more

توضیح: امتیاز به متن داستان اثر پروسپه مریمه داده شده است اما آنچه در ادامه می آید تاملاتی در ارتباط بین متن اثر و اپرای کارمن اثر بیزه است

به نظرم اگر متن اصلی داستان را در روایت شاعرانه بیزه در اپرای کارمن ادامه دهیم، ویژگی آفرینندگی هنر خودش را نمایان می کند. یعنی داستانی که به سادگی تمام و بدو...more

انسان غالبا بی اختیار بد عمل می شود : دل به دختری خوشگل می دهد ، برای خاطر او با هر کس دعوا می کند ، به مخمصه می افتد ، باید در کوه ها متواری شود و از قاچاقچیگری خواه و ناخواه کارش به راهزنی بکشد ...

"از متن کتاب"

Realmente me sorprendió mucho esta obra. En verdad es corta y se puede leer en un día. Cuenta la historia de Carmen, gitana, uno de los primeros ejemplos de femme fatale en la historia. Más que la historia de Carmen y de sus encantos, o de su supuesta habilidad diabólica e inteligente, me gustó m...more

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