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Captain Salt in Oz

Ruth Plumly Thompson

Book Overview: 

A voyage on the famous Nonestic Ocean! What could be more thrilling than that? We—many of us—have taken trips on the prosaic Atlantic or even Pacific, but have we found a SEA FOREST with flying fish and swimming birds? Have we been pursued by a real SEA SERPENT, or had our ship transfixed by the immense ivory tusk of a NARWHAL? Have we come upon the glittering island of PEAKENSPIRE, or made friends with a charming talking hippopotamus? Yet all these things and more befall Captain Salt, one time Pirate and now Royal Explorer of Oz, and his merry crew. They come back with their hold bursting with unique and fascinating specimens, with their chart crowded with new islands, all claimed for Ozma of Oz!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .And a good thing, too," panted Ato, who was close behind him. "What in tarry barrels are you fixing to do with it, Sammy?"

Roger, sensible bird that he was, stayed long enough to douse the two buckets of water on the smoking deck, then he, too, made a bee line for the galley. He was just in time to see Samuel lift the lid of the range and slide the baby down on top of the hot coals. No sooner had the squat infant touched the glowing fire than it stopped yelling at once and began to purr and sing like a teakettle set on to boil.

"Well, I'll be swizzled!" gulped Ato, and snatching a wet dish towel from the rack, he wound it round and round his aching head. "Whatever made you think of that?"

"It's my scientific mind," the Pirate told them blandly. "The proper place for any infant that size is bed and I naturally figured that a fire baby belonged in a fire bed, and a bed of hot coals was the nearest to it, so here it is!" Winking solemnly at Roger, . . . Read More

Community Reviews

As a whole colorful and inventive. I have a special love for books that are traveling adventures, especially by sea. This one is over the rainbow, but exciting. My biggest complaint is that the characters are so very flat. I think such a thing can happen when you make a point to note that it

I guess the grass is always greener. The first book of the series to not include a trip to the Emerald City. Somehow it felt incomplete without this piece of the puzzle even though I've previously grown tired of the predictable endings in the previous books.

Also it's hard to shake the uncomfortable

The plot is unequivocally well-writen, books are totally addictive.

I think this is the worst Oz book I've ever read. I never cared for Captain Salt as a character and in this book I found him to be really annoying. I still love the Read Bird with my heart, but not even the Read Bird or Tandy could save this book! Not to mention the glaring colonialism that this boo

A good book but not a GREAT book. Great characters and nifty adventures. The plot and story structure could have used a little work. Maybe a better editing job. Otherwise, pretty darn good.
As far as Oz goes? I suppose this was the "Oz cruise" story in which we got secondary character development.

A retired pirate, a talking bird and a King who'd rather be a cook are the crew of a very cool ship and act as 'Royal Explorers' for Ozma of Oz, discovering new lands and peoples.
Along the way , they take on a cabin boy, who is in fact an exiled Prince, a talking hippo and save a small island kingdo

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