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The Brotherhood of Consolation

Honoré de Balzac

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .o has been spared great misfortunes and knows nothing of religion; and who, moreover, has only an excessive curiosity about our vocation, and does not yet believe in us."

"Forgive me, madame," said Godefroid; "I do desire, from this time forth, to be worthy of you. I will submit to any trial you think necessary before initiating me into the secrets of your work; and if the Abbe de Veze will undertake to instruct me I will listen to him, soul and mind."

These words made Madame de la Chanterie so happy that a faint color stole upon her cheeks. She took Godefroid's hand and pressed it, then she said, with strange emotion, "It is well."

That evening, after dinner, visitors came in: a vicar-general of the diocese of Paris, two canons, two former mayors of Paris, and one of the ladies who distributed the charities of Notre-Dame. No cards were played; but the conversation was gay, without being vapid.

A visit which surprised Godefroid. . . Read More

Community Reviews

I guess I'm just a sucker for stories of Christian piety and virtue.

فتوحات هژبر: فاتحه‌ی تؤامان بر فرانسه و فارسی
سخنی درباره‌ی ترجمه‌ی فارسیِ «مادام دولاشانتری»

میلاد کامیابیان

برگردان هژبر سنجرخانی از «مادام دولاشانتریِ» انوره دو بالزاک –شک ندارم– نه‌تنها بدترین ترجمه‌ی فارسیِ قرن اخیر، که درب‌و‌داغان‌ترین ترجمه‌ی اثری از بالزاک به زبانی دیگر است. برای اثبات این مدعا

Beautiful literature. Has such fond memories for me.

This lesser-known, final finished Balzac novel comprises 2 halves and is the concluding segment of the Parisian Life chapter of the Human Comedy. There are 3 translations into English with alternate titles, this one being the most recent.

As in most of the author's work, there is a display of bottoml

داستان کتاب جالب بود ولی ترجمه بنظرم خیلی بد و سخت خوان بود یعنی خیلی جاها مجبور بودم دوباره و چندباره متن رو بخونم تا بفهمم.

When I was laid up with back trouble in the late 1970s, I set myself a project to read 19th century French fiction, and my favorite was Balzac. I read all of the novels in translation in Penguin, and I read many more from the Rutgers library, but I never read this book, the last novel he published,

Penetrating look into Paris of the early 1800s. Balzac proves to be a keen observer of human nature and societal structure and writes in a very entertaining manner. I waffled between three and four stars only because of the ending, which appeared a hurried attempt to wrap up the story in a fairy-tal

WOW. Probably the best book I've read on the essence of charitable giving and the why and the how and the who that recieves the "charity". Probably a great model for today for anyone who has the resouirces to execute such a comples and somewhat "risky" approach to giving. It certainly makes you unde

L'envers de l'histoire contemporaine = The Seamy Side of History = The Brotherhood of Consolation, Honoré de Balzac
L'Envers de l'histoire contemporaine (1848). In The Brotherhood of Consolation, a secret society of men, joined together for the purpose of remedying the evils which society neglects. M

Balzac is an author whose individual works can run the gamut from ill-conceived and hastily constructed to sublimely powerful novels such as Pere Goriot, Lost Illusions, A Harlot High and Low, Cousin Bette, and Cousin Pons. And I would also have to add The Wrong Side of Paris, which required a re-re

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