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Soseki Natsume

Book Overview: 

Botchan is the story of a young math teacher from Tokyo whose first assignment takes him to a middle school in the country side. His arrival there is not very lucky: The pupils are bound to test his perseverance and cheerily comments every one of his perceived missteps. In the teacher's room, he soon finds himself in the middle of an intrigue between the jovial "Porcupine" and the fat "Hubbard Squash" on one side, and the effeminate "Red Shirt" and his follower "Clown" on the other. Will Botchan choose the right side in the end?

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .I realised that the profession of teaching not quite so easy a calling as might have appeared. My teaching for the day was finished but I could not get away. I had to wait alone until three o'clock. I understood that at three o'clock the students of my classes would finish cleaning up the rooms and report to me, whereupon I would go over the rooms. Then I would run through the students' roll, and then be free to go home. Outrageous, indeed, to keep on chained to the school, staring at the empty space when he had nothing more to do, even though he was "bought" by a salary! Other fellow teachers, however, meekly submitted to the regulation, and believing it not well for me,—a new comer—to fuss about it, I stood it. On my way home, I appealed to Porcupine as to the absurdity of keeping me there till three o'clock regardless of my having nothing to do in the school. He said "Yes" and laughed. But he became serious and in an advisory manner told me not to make many . . . Read More

Community Reviews

”Now that I thought about it, though, I realized that most people actually encourage you to turn bad. They seem to think that if you don't, you'll never get anywhere in the world. And then on those rare occasions when they encounter somebody who's honest and pure-hearted, they look down on him and s

ثالث قراءة لي في الأدب الياباني ... وقد قرأت من قبل القصة القصيرة ثم الرواية الطويلة جدا وتلاهما هذه الرواية الكلاسيكية التي وجدتها متميزة وإن كانت لي بعض الملاحظات عن تشتت أصابني نتيجة الحديث عن فنون ورقصات محلية وعادات وتقاليد لست ملمة بها

في التعريف بالرواية وفي النبذة على الغلاف هناك ذلك التشبيه

This was a somewhat strange deviation from a lot of the Japanese Lit I've read. This is particularly interesting given the time period which this was released, as most of the literature-literature (that is to say, Fiction Novels as opposed to fairy tales, poetry, religious/spiritual/political manife

لا أدري إن كان هناك تأثير لسالينجر ولكن تلك الروح المتمردة وجدتها حاضرة بشكل كبير الروح الساخطة واللسان السليط في الرواية التي أسرت الشباب ومراهقي ذلك العصر شخصية هولدن في الحارس في حقل الشوفان كانت قريبة وهذا الأمر يتكرر في هذه الرواية لتكون بوتشان الرواية الأكثر شعبية في اليابان ، التمرد رمز للبطو

"كانت مؤمنة بكل بساطة بأن الذين تحبهم سيحققون لا محال إنجازات كبرى، في حين يظل الذين لا تستلطفهم محكومين بالفشل، ولا مجال لإقناعها بغير ذلك".
كانت العجوز كيو "نقية" بالنسبة لبوتشان، فهل هذا لأنه -دون أن يشعر- كان يؤمن بأن الذين يحسنون إليه، لا محالة أشخاص طيِّبو المعدن حِسان الأخلاق؟..

محاولة غير

RESEÑA completa

Si no habéis leído nada de Soseki empezad por 'Botchan' y no os arrepentiréis.
Es una lectura ligera pero llena de chispa que satiriza la experiencia de un joven profesor dando clase en una pequeña ciudad de provincias.
Me lo he pasado genial. Super recomendado!!!
Ya van 3

I really enjoyed this one - a bit odd, but very funny! It's a kind of coming of age story, looking at a young man from Tokyo dealing with the gossipy strange world of a small town when he moves there to be a teacher. It kind of reminds me of Decline and Fall by Evelyn Waugh.

Short review: it's a Japanese Catcher in the Rye

Japanese literature has been one of the first genres I remember reading and loving — I fell in love with books when I read my first Murakami. Since then, I have ventured and looked for other Japanese authors and have found some that have appealed to me

Botchan is like Japan's Tom Sawyer. It is read by schoolchildren across the country and has been the subject of innumerable TV sketches and parodies ever since Soseki wrote it early in the 20th Century. It is a coming-of-age story ripe with sarcasm and very entertaining to read. There is also a comi

This book from 1906, translated from the Japanese, is kind of a “Tom Brown at Oxford” set in Japan, and, in fact, the author did attend British schools, so maybe that’s where he got the idea for the book. A young man from Tokyo finds a job as a math teacher in a boys’ school out in the boondocks. He

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