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The Black Box

E. Phillips Oppenheim

Book Overview: 

Sanford Quest, the master criminologist of the world, attempts to bring to justice the murderer of Lord Ashleigh's daughter. But he soon discovers that he has just entered a life-and-death struggle with a mysterious master criminal.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Even as he spoke, it disappeared. Quest took out the little gate opening apparatus from his pocket.

“We’ve got to get inside there, Lenora,” he announced, stepping forward.

She followed him silently. A few turns of the wrist and the door yielded. Keeping Lenora a little behind him, Quest gazed around eagerly. Exactly in front of him, clad only in a loin cloth, with hunched-up shoulders, a necklace around his neck, with blazing eyes and ugly gleaming teeth, crouched some unrecognisable creature, human yet inhuman, a monkey and yet a man. There were a couple of monkeys swinging by their tails from a bar, and a leopard chained to a staple in the ground, walking round and round in the far corner, snapping and snarling every time he glanced towards the new-comers. The creature in front of him stretched out a hairy hand towards a club, and gripped it. Quest drew a long breath. His eyes were set hard.

“Drop that club,” he orde. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Introspective Observations

This book provides the reader with a chance to relate to the author if they lived a similar lifestyle, but it also allows for one to think back on their life and build their own black box. In building a black box from their own experiences, the reader also has the opportun

The environment truly shapes who we become.

If you take a small angel and place it in the ghetto, without parents, to survive it will have to adjust to its environment.

In this book, Marguett recollects some personal stories from his childhood and youth that shaped who will become. Each story ends w

Being able to read and understand the circumstances in which Marquett grew up and the man he has been able to become shows us that no matter the environment you are born into you can be a master of your destiny.
Additionally, this book provides us with what can be considered a common childhood story


I was shocked on how good this book is. Marquett really gives great insight on how to navigate a lot of issues that life throws at you. It is more of a book of reflection and learning to me. It gives you a way to create your own way to learn and reflect on different experiences so you can do the

Marquett has penmanship like none other. How can he write so well? Idfk. But his experiences are phenomenal. They really educate without sacrificing entertainment value. He keeps your attention. I appreciate that.

His life is like many others but what he’s been able to do with his short anecdotes can

The story and uprising life of Marquett Burton is astonishing. To be able to rise through the hood and prevail in one of the top universities in the United States and succeed in life is one worth of praise. The stories told in the book is interesting. However, this book is not a perfect 5 yet. I can

For the youthful males who might need some harsh truths about the nature of life – as things can get very superficial and substance-less in the world we live in today – this book will be a useful guide. The author takes us through his journey growing up in poverty and around crime, despite all the u

Truly enjoyed this book

I started reading it and I could not put it down. It making me think about my life and my calling.I have to thank YouTube yanie for putting me on to this book.

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