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Beauty and the Beast

Book Overview: 

The story of a merchant with three daughters who gets caught going through the beast's garden. The merchant is then forced to send one of his daughter's to go stay with the beast.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .This terrible creature reproached him for stealing his flowers, of which he was very choice; and threatened to kill him on the spot! The merchant begged for his life, and said, that he had only taken “a single one to please his daughter Beauty.” On this, the beast said gruffly, “well, I will let you off, if you will bring one of your daughters here in your place. But she must come here willingly, and meanwhile you may stay and rest in my palace until to-morrow.” But, as you may well believe, the poor father did not feel much like eating or sleeping; although everything was done for his comfort, and, in the morning, the Beast sent him home upon a beautiful horse. But though the birds sang around him, and the sun shone brightly, and all nature was smiling on his path, the heart of the poor merchant was heavy, when he thought of his beloved daughters.

When he came near his home, his children came forth to meet him; but, seeing the sadness of . . . Read More

Community Reviews

Summary :Once upon time there lived a very rich merchant who had three sons and three daughters .The girls were all beautiful ,but the youngest was so lovely that she was Beauty.She was both beautiful and kind.She has a kind heart.And she still spent her time reading books instead of going to par...more

In a castle, high upon a hill, there lived a prince, a selfish prince who only considered women with a lasting beauty equal to his own, he was very handsome but extremely vain.
One dreary night, there was a great knock at his door, on opening it, he discovered an aged hag, who begged him for shel...more

I loved all these Disney books when I was a little kid and today I woke up and said to myself why not reread them! I will always stand by my opinion that you're never too old for kid's books!
It's actually funny watching how my mind changes throughout the years by reading the same book. For exampl...more

Beauty and the Beast (Disney), Teddy Slater
Come be our guest in the Beast's castle where teapots talk, spoons dance, and beautiful Belle discovers that things are never quite as they seem. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is retold in the classic Little Golden Book format.
تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز نخس...more

My children and grandchildren loved this book. Pure nostalgia.

This a great classical story that many have read growing up. This story is about a prince who was turned into a beast and lives alone in his castle. In this story there are many house hold items like tea cups, spoons, and candle holders all talk. Far from all this fictional characters the message...more

my childhood fairy tale

Desilude-me que o interior do livro não seja também com páginas duras, pois a ideia que tinha era que o livro era todo em "cartão". (ISBN 0736421971)
Excepto isto, adorei!! 4 estrelas e não cinco, pela pequena desilusão.


اول مرة اقرأ القصة دى مع انى اسمع عنها كتير :D
بس عجبتنى .. المجموعة كلها عجبانى جدا والجرافيك تحفة
حبيت ^^

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