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Bab: a Sub-Deb

Mary Roberts Rinehart

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Ones, dragged down with you.

Oh, what a tangeled Web we wieve, When first we practice to decieve. Sir Walter Scott.


WE have been requested to write, during this vacation, a true and varacious account of a meeting with any Celebrity we happened to meet during the summer. If no Celebrity, any interesting character would do, excepting one's own Familey.

But as one's own Familey is neither celebrated nor interesting, there is no temptation to write about it.

As I met Mr. Reginald Beecher this summer, I have chosen him as my Subject.

Brief history of the Subject: He was born in 1890 at Woodbury, N. J. Attended public and High Schools, and in 1910 graduated from Princeton University.

Following year produced first Play in New York, called Her Soul. Followed this by the Soul Mate, and this by The Divorce.

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Community Reviews

It's awfully tempting to compare Mary Roberts Rinehart's hilarious Bab: A Sub-Deb with the Anita Loos novel that followed in its footsteps in 1926: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: The Diary of a Professional Lady. Both books feature wildly unreliable narrators whose spelling, to be generous, could make...more

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and highly recommend it. The book is written in a series of themed papers or diary entries, written by Bab, a 17 year old during 1917.

Bab is a spoiled, sheltered but neglected second daughter from a well off family. She is constantly writing about how she got into...more

A light, very funny read written and set during the first world war. Barbara Archibald is the sort of teenager whose presence would drive most anyone nuts but who possesses an irresistible narrative voice. I mean, seriously:

If I were to write down all the surging thoughts that filled my brain th...more

Absolutely delightful. I love Mary Roberts Rinehart. As Jenny E so correctly put it, these are the books Fitzgerald heroines read. If Edith Wharton wrote Nancy Drews, the books would read something like Rinehart's. And Bab: a Sub-Deb is worthy for its title alone, yes?

This was delightful and hilarious!

This story was one of Rinehart's earlier works. The main character Bab, tells of her adventures through her diary and "magazine articles". One thing to know about Bab is that she is a terrible speller and it shows in her writing.

I enjoyed reading all of Bab's hi-jinks. But the end of the story go...more

This was fun, though perhaps a little cynical in its subtext, and I would have preferred a single overarching plot instead of a succession of three. I laughed out loud over the first part, smiled over the second, and felt rather tired in the third.

"Charming" isn't usually a descriptor that attracts me to a book, so it's a good thing I chose this for other reasons. My lost film research turned me onto a series of now-lost films from 1917 starring Marguerite Clarke and based on this novel.

Bab is a clever teen—though not nearly as clever as...more

Not my cup of tea. The absolute selfishness and the deliberate misspellings just didn’t strike me as all that funny. I liked the WW1 chapter best (the book has five episodes instead of regular chapters) but I still felt bad for the guy she finally decided on. She grew up a little bit but not a lo...more

Part of this book were very entertaining but after a long break from it I decided not to continue. There is a little bit of language in the later part of the books, Bab was fun at some points annoying at others. the spelling errors got to me in this book. It is supposed to be that way, as you are...more

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