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Ayesha, the Return of She

Henry Rider Haggard

Book Overview: 

Ayesha, the return of She, is set 16 years after the previous novel She. Horace Holly and Leo Vincey have spent the years traveling the world looking for Ayesha, along the way they experience many adventures, including avalanches, glaciers and even death-hounds before finally arriving in the court of Kaloon. At the court, they hear tell of a woman who Leo suspects to be Ayesha, however things are never simple and conflict soon follows them to Ayesha’s court.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .ng the natural impulse which prompts a man to save his own life. If so, may I be forgiven, but had I held on, I must have been jerked into the abyss. Then the rope ran out and remained taut.

"Leo!" I screamed, "Leo!" and I heard a muffled voice saying, as I thought, "Come." What it really said was—"Don't come." But indeed—and may it go to my credit—I did not pause to think, but face outwards, just as I was sitting, began to slide and scramble down the ice.

In two seconds I had reached the curve, in three I was over it. Beneath was what I can only describe as a great icicle broken off short, and separated from the cliff by about four yards of space. This icicle was not more than fifteen feet in length and sloped outwards, so that my descent was not sheer. Moreover, at the end of it the trickling of water, or some such accident, had worn away the ice, leaving a little ledge as broad, perhaps, as a man's hand. There were roughnesses on. . . Read More

Community Reviews


শী এর তুলনায় রিটার্ন অভ শী ফিকে লাগল কিছুটা।ব্যাখ্যা পাওয়া গেল না অনেক কিছুর।অনুবাদটার মানও পড়ে গেছে কিছুটা।পরের পার্ট পড়ার অপেক্ষায়...more

ভালোই লেগেছে,তবে আরেকটু বেটার আশা করেছিলাম সিরিজের প্রথম বইটা পড়ে। এটা একটু স্লো লেগেছে মাঝখানে৷

"The Return of She," although not as exciting or groundbreaking as the classic "She," is nevertheless a worthy sequel, and one that all admirers of Haggard's original story should enjoy reading. It is a direct continuation of the earlier book, and as such may be called required reading for all fans

ভালবাসা প্রকৃতির এক অপার সৃষ্টি। যার জন্য কোন কিছুকে ধ্বংস করতে যেমন পারা যায়, ঠিক তেমনি সৃষ্টিও করা যায়।
বেশ হয়েছে উপন্যাসটা। আতেনের ভালবাসার স্বরুপটা বেশ মজবুত লেগেছে। ভালবাসার দৌড়ে আয়েশাকে হার মানার মত চরিত সে। ভালবাসার জন্য নিজের জীবন দিতে একটুও পরোয়া করল না।
সব প্রেমের গন্তব্য মৃত্যুতে।

টান টান উত্তেজনা রয়েছে । একই সাথে প্রেম , ভালবাসা, ত্যাগ আর গল্পের প্লট সমূহের বর্ণনা ও বেশ সুশৃঙখল । অনুবাদ যথেষ্ট ভাল হয়েছে।

Haggard's epic SHE suold've been the end-all of fantasy epics. It sold, unreal, 63 million copies and remains in print.
AYESHA is the sequel of all sequels. Written at the turn of the 20th century, Haggard's language is both beautiful and evocotive of a grander age.

The immortal queen is still there

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