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Autobiography of Benvenuto Cellini

Benvenuto Cellini

Book Overview: 

Cellini’s autobiographical memoirs, which he began writing in Florence in 1558, give a detailed account of his singular career, as well as his loves, hatreds, passions, and delights, written in an energetic, direct, and racy style. They show a great self-regard and self-assertion, sometimes running into extravagances which are impossible to credit. He even writes in a complacent way of how he contemplated his murders before carrying them out.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .This painter was the pupil of Bertoldo, a man of simple manners and of some excellence in his art. The gallery at Bologna has a fine specimen of his painting. Michel Agnolo delighted in his society.

Note 3. Cellini says Summam.

Note 4. This was the agreeable didactic poet Luigi Alamanni, who had to fly from Florence after a conspiracy against Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici in 1522. He could never reconcile himself to the Medicean tyranny, and finally took refuge in France, where he was honoured by Fran. . . Read More

Community Reviews

If you want people to be reading your autobiography almost more than five hundred years later, write as entertaining a book as this one. A treasure.

Italians do it better, don't they? Well, I think I just found myself a new role model of self-confidence.
Benvenuto Cellini was first and foremost a goldsmith and a sculptor, but he made himself known and appreciated also as a flute player, a draftsman and a talented writer. He was nonetheless a brav

Benvenuto Cellini (1500 – 1571)
By Benvenuto Cellini

Cellini was born into the Century of the Italian Renaissance and became one of the brilliant artists and actors of the Academy of Florence.
His memoirs are told by the author in the first person and have the inimitable charm of personal experience. A

Orafo e artista impareggiabile, carattere inpetuoso e ardente, Cellini rappresenta una delle personalità più straordinarie della prima età Moderna. La sua autobiografia traccia, nel bene come nel male, un quadro abbastanza esplicativo della sua personalità, ci accompagna a conoscere il tormentato pe

Ο Cellini γεννήθηκε το 1500 και πέθανε το 1571. Ηταν γλυπτης ζωγράφος μουσικός χρυσοχοος στρατιώτης κτλ. Αρχισε την αυτοβιογραφια του το 1558. Με την αφήγηση του, μαθαίνουμε πως ήταν η ζωή τότε στην Ιταλία.
Δούλεψε για Πάπες Καρδιναλιους Δουκες και Βασιλείς. Τον εμπιστευντουσαν διότι έκανε θαύματα μ

Cellini was a goldsmith and sculptor of genius and little of his work survives today. Perseus with the Head of Medusa, the bronze sculpture he made in 1545, being a stunning exception. Precious metals tend to be melted down, especially in times of strife. One of the text's greatest pleasures, theref

All men of whatsoever quality they be, who have done anything of excellence, or which may properly resemble excellence, ought, if they be persons of truth and honesty, to describe their life with their own hand

Why we like or dislike someone, why we admire or despise them, why we are happy or ann

"All men who have accomplished anything worthwhile should set down the story of their own lives with their own hands. But they should wait before undertaking so delicate an enterprise until they have passed the age of 40,"
says Benvenuto Cellini (1500-1571) in the opening chapter of this book, T


Benvenuto Cellini (1500- 1571) was an extraordinary personality. As a goldsmith, a warrior, a musician and a writer, he certainly did not lack skills. But I shall refer to him as Benvenuto, Mister Welcome. He was named so after a wait of eighteen years by his parents, but if h

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