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Marie Corelli

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .there are others, gifted by heaven, for whom all common things take radiant shape and meaning,—for whom the flowers reveal their fragrant secrets,—for whom birds not only sing, but speak in most melodious utterance—for whose dreaming eyes, the very sunbeams spin bright fantasies in mid-air more lasting than the kingdoms of the world! Blind and unhappy Zabastes! … he is ignorant as a stone, and for him the mysteries of Nature are forever veiled. The triumphal hero-march of the stars,—the brief, bright rhyme of the flashing comet,—the canticle of the rose as she bears her crimson heart to the smile of the sun,—the chorus of green leaves chanting orisons to the wind—the never completed epic of heaven's lofty solitudes where the white moon paces, wandering like a maiden in search of love,— all these and other unnumbered joys he has lost—joys that Sah- luma, child of the high gods and favorite of Destiny drinks in with the light a. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Sunday mornings are my days of reflection, a day of rest and away from any worries of work (although admittedly they do tend to lurk in the background) and to recharge and rediscover my own self. In the latter context I thought of this book for some obscure reason.

How I acquired this book in the fir

Hard to read, but very poetic and spiritual.

Stalled out. The story begins appealingly, but gets tedious after a while.

In 1889, Marie Corelli published “Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self”. It was her fourth novel and a sequel of sorts to her first book “A Romance of Two Worlds”. Many of the weaknesses of her first three books are still evident in this one. There are the almost endless paragraphs which carry on for pa

I have mixed feelings about Ardath. It was intense, no doubt about it. But I'm having a hard time organizing my thoughts about it, so I'm just going to throw them all out, in no particular order, the good with the bad.

-The writing style is wildly florid and melodramatic.
-The author is very good at c

Sigh. I'm not sure where to start. I don't want my prejudice to bleed through too much. As a pagan, this book was difficult for me, but I will give Corelli credit, in that, she kept me reading the whole way through, and while I don't share her passion for the the Christian religion, and found myself

I realised it had been quite a few months since I'd read any Marie Corelli and I thought I should fix that. I find Marie Corelli in many ways the opposite to HG Wells, when Wells gets all philosophical and spends ages talking about how the world is and how it should be I totally love it, but when Co

This guy, a pretty famous writer in England, at the turn of the last century, was pretty uninspired. He wasn't a religious man--far from it--but he ended up at an isolated monastery, where he was a guest during some rough weather for a night. He stood by and watched vespers. He ended up talking with

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