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The Angel of Terror

Edgar Wallace

Book Overview: 

Literary traditions still decree beauty to be the outward sign of inner saintliness, whereas evil characters tended to be “ugly as sin.” Jean Briggerland defies these expectations by being every bit as angelically beautiful as she is sociopathic. So lovely that all around her are blinded to her guilt no matter how blatant her crimes, only Jack Glover, best friend and lawyer of her most recent victim, is aware of her true nature. Can he stop her crime spree and bring her to justice before she murders her way to wealth and happiness? He really, really shouldn’t count on it. Despite the book’s outrageously implausible plot, it nevertheless manages to keep one in suspense from first page to last. Advisory: Antiquated attitudes and occasional profanity will add unintentional humor to the charms of the story for some listeners but might offend others.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Poor Miss Briggerland," he said softly. "She certainly is poorer than she expected to be."

"Nonsense," scoffed the girl. She was irritated, which was unusual in her. "My dear Mr. Glover, why do you pursue your vendetta against her? Do you think it is playing the game, honestly now? Isn't it a case of wounded vanity on your part?"

He stared at her in astonishment.

"Wounded vanity? Do you mean pique?"

She nodded.

"Why should I be piqued?" he asked slowly.

"You know best," replied Lydia, and then a light dawned on him.

"Have I been making love to Miss Briggerland by any chance?" he asked.

"You know best," she repeated.

"Good Lord!" and then he began to laugh, and she thought he would never stop.

"I suppose I made love to her, and she was angry because I dared to commit such an act of treachery to her fiancé! Yes, that was it. I made love to her behind poor Jim's back, and she . . . Read More

Community Reviews

This was an audio book and was rather interesting. It's a "murder mystery" but only in the sense of will the murder be found out by the society at large and be caught. I liked the premise and the characters and will remember the book because of the "non-traditional" ending.

While definitely not as great as his previous works but quite good nonetheless. I found the protagonist to be too naive almost on the verge of being stupid, but the character of the antagonist is indeed quite interesting especially her role as a provocateur of evil. I would definitely recommend t...more

A classic mystery crime novel involving the evil deeds of one Jean Briggerland, a woman with all the outward angelic qualities imaginable but possessing an unspeakable evil nature... Can Jack Glover stop her???

This was a very odd book. I didn't like it as much as some of Edgar Wallace's other works, primarily because one of the primary characters seemed almost unbelievably naive. The book has an interesting (albeit relatively implausible) plot that kept me entertained.

Náhodný výber z domácej knižnice. Thriller či detektívka? Hm, skôr zvláštny mix oboch a dokonca nie veľmi oslnivý. Postačil však, ako oddychové rýchle čítanie. Mimochodom, "hrdinka" sa volá Lýdia. Je neuveriteľne naivná a hlúpa. Hodnoteniu to teda nepomohlo :-)

Exquisitely beautiful and thoroughly vile, Jean is a scheming murderer, who gets away with multiple murders because she is so so lovely, innocent looking, and a skilled liar. But lawyer Jack Glover has her pegged, and does his best to protect Jean's latest target, an unbelievably naive and debt-r...more

I have been wanting to read one or two of Edgar Wallace's novels for some time to see what all the fuss was about in his day. This tale of an amoral but beautiful woman and her victims was surprisingly timeless and entertaining, just perfect for a day of airplane travel after days of fatiguing me...more

This is a riveting tale which sets out with a man being sentenced for murder and a beautiful, innocent woman having had to testify against him. Except, what everyone thinks is exactly opposite to the truth, according to the condemned man's friend and attorney, Jack Glover. He claims that his frie...more

Jack Glover saves Lydia from a life of penury. Written early in the century, this is a book by an author whose works have been translated to television and film. Lydia had taken on the debts of her late father, and could not reduce the amount that his creditors were owed. THe Angel of Terror is a...more

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