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Amy Foster

Joseph Conrad

Book Overview: 

Classic shortish story by Conrad that relates his self-thought alienation from British society, as a young foreign man survives a shipwreck off the coast of Kent, England only to be shunned by most of the townsfolk. The one exception is the loving, if dull-witted, Miss Foster.

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .He came from there."

The doctor pointed with his whip, and from the summit of the descent seen over the rolling tops of the trees in a park by the side of the road, appeared the level sea far below us, like the floor of an immense edifice inlaid with bands of dark ripple, with still trails of glitter, ending in a belt of glassy water at the foot of the sky. The light blur of smoke, from an invisible steamer, faded on the great clearness of the horizon like the mist of a breath on a mirror; and, inshore, the white sails of a coaster, with the appearance of disentangling themselves slowly from under the branches, floated clear of the foliage of the trees.

"Shipwrecked in the bay?" I said.

"Yes; he was a castaway. A poor emigrant from Central Europe bound to America and washed ashore here in a storm. And for him, who knew nothing of the earth, England was an undiscovered country. It was some time before he learned its name; and for all I kno. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Amy Foster, a short story by Joseph Conrad, reveals the great range and depth of the master’s ability.

Though a short story, or novella, the language is tight and the imagery is thick with multiple meanings and the story reads slow and pregnant with interpretations. The most ready to mind is that th

Toccante storia incentrata sul tema dell'esclusione, ambientata in un mondo chiuso su se stesso e intriso di pregiudizi, che mal tollera qualsiasi interferenza esterna. In un simile contesto si consuma la tragica storia d'amore di Yanko e Amy, spiriti candidi e semplici in un mondo di lupi, il cui t

Μολονότι το ολιγοσέλιδο αυτό διήγημα περιστρέφεται κυρίως γύρω από την περιπέτεια του Γιάνκο Γκούραλ, ενός βουνίσιου από την Ανατολική οροσειρά των Καρπαθίων, που το ναυάγιο του μεταναστευτικού πλοίου στο οποίο επέβαινε με προορισμό (ποιόν άλλο;) την Αμερική τον ξέβρασε αβοήθητο και μόνο στις ακτές

This was my first, well, anything by this author but even though this was pretty short, there was a lot packed into it. I definitely want to explore his work some more.

I think of Joseph Conrad as a required taste. It ain't easy to love his works, they are hard to read. *cough* (Heart of Darkness) *cough*
Yet, I keep finding myself going back to read one of his works.

“Amy Foster” reads like a melancholic yarn spun by a seafaring man who on a lonesome winter’s evening felt a compulsion to share an unforgettable experience. The nameless narrator recounted a story by a country doctor who had a practice in Brenzett, a village by the sea. Joseph Conrad was a seaman a

Joseph Conrad is one of the most influential British writers of the 20th century. His writing inspired the likes of Orwell, Greene, Faulkner, Hemingway, and many more. His best known novel is Heart of Darkness. He also wrote short stories.

His short story, Amy Foster, tells the story of a Central Eur

Heart of Darkness at Home

Amy Foster, which was written and originally published in 1901 and later included in the collection Typhoon and Other Stories (1903), may be named after the young English woman who falls in love with and marries the castaway from Central Europe, but it is not too bold an ass

:مجموعه 4 داستان کوتاه از جوزف کنراد با عنوان های
"تالاب" ، "امی فاستر" ، "پایگاه پیشرفت و "قصه"
هر 4 تا داستانهای خوبی بودند اما بشخصه از "قصه" و "امی فاستر" بیشتر لذت بردم

. در عشق و جنگ باید همه چیز آشکار باشد "
آشکار مثل روز ، زیرا هر دوی اینها آرمان هایی هستند که ممکن است به آسانی، بسیار آسان ، تح

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