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The Adventures of Captain Hatteras - Volume 1

Jules Verne

Book Overview: 

The novel describes adventures of British expedition led by Captain John Hatteras to the North Pole. Hatteras is convinced that the sea around the pole is not frozen and his obsession is to reach the place no matter what. Mutiny by the crew results in destruction of their ship but Hatteras, with a few men, continues on the expedition. ( Wikipedia)

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .tions which have brought about the discovery of the passage, and the survey of these Polar continents, with such indented coast lines. The most daring English, French, and American sailors made voyages towards these terrible countries, and, thanks to their efforts, the maps of that country, so difficult to make, figured in the list of the Royal Geographical Society of London. The curious history of these countries was thus presented to the doctor's imagination as he leaned on the rail, and followed with his eyes the long track left by the brig. Thoughts of the bold navigators weighed upon his mind, and he fancied he could perceive under the frozen arches of the icebergs the pale ghosts of those who were no more.


During that day the Forward cut out an easy road amongst the half-broken ice; the wind was good, but the temperature very low; the currents of air blowing across the ice-fields brought with. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Another rousing tale by Jules Verne which is a part of his amazing Voyages Extraordinaires series. We know his most popular story, but there are over 50 books in the series and this one takes us on a trip to find the North Pole with Captain Hatteras. Just a marvelous adventure book and one that is a

One of those books that prove that Jules Verne is a writer we should take seriously. In this book, there is one of his usual stories of exploration and discovery but there is also much more depth as the difficulties are highlighted, both those that have to do with the strength of nature and those th

Jules Verne would likely take you to a very unexpected expedition with his every book and this book is no different. In this thrilling novel, the readers are going on a polar expedition.

In this breathtaking novel, First Mate Shandon receives a mysterious letter asking him to build a steamship named

Adventures of Captain Hatteras is a breathtaking novel set in the frigid regions of the Arctic Circle and the North Pole itself, though we know now that finding an active volcano there strains credulity. It was widely believed at the time that there was an opening at the top of the world which led t

Coincidências da vida.
Termino a leitura do livro “Toda a luz que não podemos ver”.
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Abro parêntesis: o livro acabado de ler faz inúmeras referências a Júlio Verne e Capitão Hatteras.
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চিন্তা করুন হঠাত একটা চিঠি পেলেন। চিঠি অনুসারে আপনার একাউন্টে কেউ মোটা অংকের টাকা জমা দিয়েছে। আর আপনাকে বলছে যে ওই টাকা দিয়ে একটা জাহাজ বানিয়ে নিতে। এক্কেবারে আপনার ইচ্ছে মতন। এখানেই শেষ নয় আপনাকে চিঠির সাথে কিছু ব্লাংক চেকও পাঠিয়েছে যদি টাকার কোন সমস্যা হয় সেই জন্য। অবাক হয়ে যাবেন নিশ্চয়। এ

Voyages et Aventures du Capitaine Hatteras = The Adventures of Captain Hatteras (Extraordinary Voyages, #2), Jules Verne

The Adventures of Captain Hatteras is an adventure novel by Jules Verne in two parts: The English at the North Pole, and The Desert of Ice.

The novel, set in 1861, described adven

Kārtējā apstāšanās pie “Piedzīvojumi. Fantastika. Ceļojumi.” grāmatu plaukta mani nedaudz sabaidīja, ja es tā turpināšu, tad ar šo sēriju divu gadu laikā nekādi netikšu cauri. Tādēļ tika pieņemts lēmums sasparoties un motivācijas labad tika upurēta viena no labajām atlikušajām grāmatām. Padomjlaiku

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