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The Adventures of Bob White

Thornton W. Burgess

Book Overview: 

The Adventures of Bob White is another in the long line of children's books by conservationist Thornton W. Burgess. In this book, Bob White and Mrs. Bob White make a new home near the Old Briar Patch where they become neighbors with Peter Rabbit. We learn what Bob White likes to eat, how he protects his nest from being discovered, and who his friends and his enemies are. We also learn that sometimes it's not good to know everything, that arithmetic can be a useful tool, and that a Bob White needs to stay far away from the two-legged creatures who carry fire-sticks

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .No, indeed. He knew that, just like Reddy Fox, the reason Old Man Coyote was so glad to see him was because he hoped to catch him some fine day. But Bob White didn't let a little thing like that bother him. Ever since he could remember he had been hunted. That was why he had taken the precaution to sit on a fence-post when he whistled. Up there neither Old Man Coyote nor Reddy Fox could reach him. Just after Old Man Coyote left Bob White saw some one else headed his way, and this time he didn't wait. You see it was Redtail the Hawk, and a fence-post was no place to receive a call from him.

Spreading his wings Bob White flew across to the dear Old Briar-patch and dropped in among the brambles close to where Peter Rabbit was sitting. "You didn't expect me to return your call so soon, did you, Peter?" said he.

"No," replied Peter, "but I'm ever so glad to see yo. . . Read More

Community Reviews

The Adventures of Bob White was the last book from the Bedtime Story Books collection written by Thornton Burgess and lovingly illustrated by Harrison Cady. Cady's illustrations are so iconic that they are usually just reproduced into the newer publications. Even newer artists take Cady's art as mod

Considering our little ones begged for this selection almost hourly it’s easy to say this title was well written. The highlight of this book for me were the lines of wisdom starting each chapter, all worth pondering. Following this was the creative way Burgess weaves the tail to where you both under

Such wonderful family read alouds during morning time! Ahh I just love Burgess. This particular story was equally wonderful. There were some (sometimes not so) subtle ideas that all guns are bad and all hunting is bad. I just had a slight difference of opinion than the author about "fire sticks," bu

I liked it when Bob White and Mrs Bob White were moving into the place where Peter Rabbit lives.

I love these books. Thornton Burgess is a local treasure. I have been to Laughing Brook (sanctuary) and my children have attended Green Meadows and Thornton Burgess school in Hampden, MA. I like that he teaches kindness and respect for nature and all living things.

Hello to an old friend- memories of discovering Thornton Burgess in an old school house in upstate NY made me smile, as did the stories. Of course they're didactic and sexist now (possibly a bit racist as well- there's an element of adapting Brer Rabbit stories for an American Beatrix Potter audienc

Quail, a.k.a. Bob White

A wonderful book for children about nature and conservation as well as organic farming. The characterizations are endearing and instructive. I have been a fan of this series since I was a child and my grandchildren are becoming fans. I recommend this series highly.

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