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1900 or The Last President

Ingersoll Lockwood

Book Overview: 

The year is 1896. The United States is rocked by the election of an unlikely president. On election night, riots broke out in the streets of New York. The city was paralyzed with dread. Mobs organized under the lead of Anarchists and Socialists. Farther South, people celebrated. This was a President elected by the working class and he was a President who followed through with his commitment to fight for the rights of the people. This president would fight to end the enslavement of the people by money lenders, big bankers, corporations and government overtax. But can he be successful in a society that is rapidly absorbing socialist ideologies?

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Community Reviews

This novel suddenly makes the headlines because its author also wrote a series on the travels and adventures of Baron Trump (which happens to be the youngest son of the current president. It is set at the end of the 19th century and describes the conflict which existed then in the struggle between t

Like other Lockwood pieces, this is hard to read due to it's flowery yet ineffective word choice. Pop culture suggested it had prophetic or occult connections to modern day politics, but that seems pretty far stretched after reading the book.
Look I get it, a populist president gets voted in, the pe

I’m glad the book was so short (43 pages), so I could finish it rather than abandoning it (which I never like doing). The book has gained notoriety lately because the author has written other books about a character named “Baron Trump”, who does not feature in this book. However, because one of the

I read this today. It's a short work and a very quick read. IMHO, it was not worth the time I spent on it. Maybe this meant something when the USA was considering making silver part of the currency back in the late 1800s- but it is totally irrelevant to today's world. The only thing that seemed mild

book 3 of a collection, see below for details

Not kindle unlimited, actually got it for 99 cents all together though there are various other sets and prices, as well as the single books, and as far as the blurb stuff, not as much similarity as acts like there is {in the blurb}, but there is quite a b

Alternate history published in 1896 and imagining a future (1898) election that put William Jennings Bryan in power, and he immediately took America off the gold standard. Prescient for those unhappy with the 2016 election; the issues are different but the turmoil seems similar--although I'm hoping

This succinct little book about a turn-of-the-century president was definitely a page turner. I heard that, given our recent state of affairs in the USA, it would be an interesting read. I definitely saw a few aspects of this president's personality that stood out. He filled the cabinet with his wel

What a weird, hyperbolic little book. Definitely written by a lawyer. AND! The Secretary of Agriculture is named Pence! So, you know, time travel.
The weirdest thing about this book is that I think Tolkien must have read it because it also has a "Dawnless Day" that occurs in early March. Coincidence

What a ride! The editor of this book was right in his foreword: this book is full of synchronism. They way the story developes is uncanny. The decline of good morals and a striving society feels like what the left is doing today around the world.

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