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Tom Swift and the Electronic Hydrolung

Victor Appleton

Book Overview: 

The US Government is very smartly letting Tom Swift Jr. handle the recovery of its probe to Jupiter. But a mystery missile suddenly intercepts the probe and splashes it in the South Atlantic.

Faced with a huge search task to find the probe on the ocean bottom, Tom soon realizes that the same shadowy group that attacked the probe is competing to find it, and no holds are barred: kidnap, coercion, and lethal force are all in play.

Under such circumstances, what can Tom do? What he does every time, of course! He invents some utterly cool device to get the job done! And his Electronic Hydrolung is just the beginning!

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Chow pushed back his ten-gallon hat and scratched his head dubiously. "Wal, I'm keepin' a net handy to drag you out, boss, just in case."

Tom chuckled and fitted the mask over his face, then made a clean dive into the tank. For the next ten minutes the girls and Chow watched wide-eyed as he swam, walked around, and went through vigorous exercises at the bottom of the tank without once coming up for air.

"Whee!" Sandy exclaimed when Tom finally climbed out. "Make me one, so I can take up skin diving!"

"It's wonderful!" Phyl added admiringly.

Tom took off his mask. "I'm pretty pleased with it myself," he admitted, grinning.

The girls stayed at Enterprises for lunch. Then the group, accompanied by Doc Simpson, flew to Fearing Island so Tom could test his invention in deep water. Boarding a small motor launch, with Doc at the helm, they cruised out to a suitable depth and dropped anchor.

"Don't become too confident, Tom,". . . Read More

Community Reviews

In this installment Our Hero Tom Jr. has to find a missing rocket in the South Atlantic. He invents a special oxygen mask that allows the diver to convert see what directly into air, thus relieving the need for heavy tanks. Tom also invents a sub invisible to sonar, and a system to detect submari...more

haha.... I loved these books when I was a kid!!! 'pretty sure I read the whole series :)

My eldest and I thought that the story was compelling, but my youngest couldn't stand it. Sorry to say, we didn't get very far. We will try again in a few years.

The Tom Swift, Jr. books were an early favorite. When I entered first grade, I took to reading, as the old saw goes, like a duck to water, even winning a prize for reading the most books in my class. A few years later I discovered The Hardy Boys and Tom Swift, devouring them as fast as I found th...more

Interestingly, this is a later series with Tom Swift, Jr. I was a little confused until I realized this. Still as good as the original series.

The Tom Swift, Jr., books were a fun, upbeat, and interesting adventure series published for kids from 1954 to 1971 that promoted science, fair-play, patriotism, and team-work; they were good, positive books. The series served as a sequel to the original Tom Swift series that appeared from 1910 t...more