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The Tiny Story Book.

Book Overview: 

Short and sweet stories for children

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .Alice. She is just three years old, and I love her dearly. She has many things to play with. She has a ball, a rattle, and a horse; and she had a nice wax doll given her last Christmas, but as she got the paint off its face by kissing, it is laid by till she is bigger. We played she was my baby, and I dressed her up and took her to walk; after that we played have tea, and then I rocked her to sleep, and she looked so nice I could not help kissing her. She is coming to see me next week.[Pg 5]

[Pg 6]


My brother Ben has gone to sea. He has gone in a big Ship. Mother packed his trunk with nice clothes, and put in his Bible and some good books, and I put in my picture, and we went to see him sail. I felt bad enough, for mother says he will be gone a whole year.

What a long time to be on the water! He says, when he comes home he will bring mother a nice shawl and me some fine pla. . . Read More

Community Reviews

This is not my favorite Potter, although that hat on the cover is awesome. The little books are so adorable, though.

The tale of Benjamin Bunny as retold by Quentin Tarantino:

"Bring out the bunny."

"But the bunny's asleep."

"Well you'd best go wake him up then ."

Of all the Beatrix Potter books, this one is closest to modern life. Benjamin Bunny goes to visit his cousins who live with their single, widowed mother...who runs a shop selling rabbit-wool mittens she's knitted herself along with herbs and, ahem, "rabbit-tobacco".

Benjamin is streetwise (unlike...more

If I remember right, this book taught me what 'consequence' meant. After reading it years later, only now do I realize the humour in 'rabbit tobacco' being lavender. What could be cuter than that! That's proof that you're never too old for some Beatrix Potter classics!
I think all children should...more

What a weird little story. I don't know if I've ever really read this story and understood what it was about. I read it again today, like really read it and I'm confused about the message and also why this was such a popular children's story.

I still love the art work and something about this one wasn't as fun for me. Peter did get his clothes back from the farmer. At the end of the 1st book he had lost them to the farmer's scarecrow. The artwork is still as marvelous and the story was good. It simply wasn't my favorite so far of Beat...more

“The Tale of Benjamin Bunny” is the fourth book made in Beatrix Potter’s “Peter Rabbit” books and it is about how Peter’s cousin Benjamin convinces Peter to come to Mr. McGregor’s garden to get Peter’s clothes back. “The Tale of Benjamin Bunny” is a truly memorable follow up to the classic tale...more

Cute continuation of the Tale of Peter Rabbit. My daughter was disappointed that Mr. McGregor didn't make much of a showing in this one, but his cat did. Peter's naughty little cousin, Benjamin, decides that they need to rescue Peter's clothes from Mr. McGregor's garden.

There really wasn't as muc...more

Beatrix Potter is a charming story teller to little ones with sweet illustrations. I didn't know about Benjamin Bunny, and while it had a good enough resolution, it was sad to see little Peter Rabbit get strung along in mischief once more by his cousin. Ben was at ease the whole time confident in...more

Ah, this book made me glad I was reading them all in order of publication. This is book 4, and for the first time, characters from a previous books turn up! We learn a bit more about Peter Rabbit's widowed mother, for instance - she makes a living selling, among other things, rabbit tobacco (know...more

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