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Enjoy listening to insights from The Wall Street Journal on global market news, the economy and personal finance. Your Money Matters podcast takes you from Wall Street to Main Street to your street.

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What the Senate's 3.8% Surtax Means for You

In a surprise, the Senate GOP retained the 3.8 percent surtax on investment income in its latest healthcare measure. The tax will hit high earners most of all, but the Wall Street Journal's Laura Saunders says others can often minimize the tax if they plan ahead.

Latest Wave of 401(k) Suits Yields Big Wins, and Big Losses

In one case, a $22 million settlement; in another, a judge's dismissal after a trial. The Wall Street Journal's Anne Tergesen joins us in the studio to help make sense of what's happening with 401(k) fee lawsuits.

Bank Earnings Are Coming: What to Watch

Calm markets, the Fed and lighter lending are among the factors seen influencing second-quarter results. The Wall Street Journal's Peter Rudegeair joins us in the studio with a look at what to watch when banks report earnings.

Will Bank Customers Demand Higher Rates?

Interest rates on bank deposits have been at rock-bottom levels for a long time. The Wall Street Journal's Christina Rexrode talks about the pressures banks may face to raise those rates, now that Fed short-term rates have topped one percent.

PNC's Bill Stone: Strong Second Quarter Earnings

Bill Stone of PNC Asset Management Group is looking for earnings to grow by around 6 1/2 percent in the second quarter. Energy is expected to be the strongest performing sector.

How Landlords Can Turn Empy Units into Hotel Rooms

A handful of startups are helping building owners get in on the home-sharing trend, turning empty units into hotel rooms. The Wall Street Journal's Laura Kusisto talks about these startups and the resistance that short-term rentals face.

Buffett's Berkshire Relying Less on Stock Picking

Warren Buffett has a legendary reputation as a stock picker. But the bid by his Berkshire Hathaway company to buy Oncor, a Texas utility, is the latest sign that Berkshire is shifting from picking stocks to running businesses. The Wall Street Journal's Nicole Friedman joins us.

Back to the 1990s? The Chip Industry is Hot

In an echo of the 1990s, semiconductor sales have been strong as chip companies find new markets, including autos and household items. The Wall Street Journal's Dan Gallagher says chips are also benefiting from smartphones, even though phone sales are slowing.

Picking a 529 for College

Every state offers 529 savings accounts to parents of college-bound children. Wall Street Journal contributor Chana Schoenberger talks about how parents can pick the right 529 for their kids.

Men, Republicans, Northeasterners Tip Best: Survey

Matt Schulz from reveals new research about which Americans are the best and worst tippers. He also details which professions tend to do better with tips.

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