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Enjoy savory discussions on Food and Drink with the lifestyle editors of The Wall Street Journal. Listen to reviews on life's finer things to pursue your curious intellect and enhance your cocktail conversation.

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Raquel Pelzel on Cooking With Cannabis

As more states legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the next culinary frontier could very well be edible marijuana. Food writer Raquel Pelzel walks Kevin Sintumuang and Beth Kracklauer through new the world of cooking with cannabis.

Curtis Stone Dishes on 'Maude,' 'Gwen' Restaurants

Off Duty's Beth Kracklauer talks with celebrity chef Curtis Stone about his two L.A. restaurants -- named after his grandmothers, Maude and Gwen.

Not So Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern joins Off Duty's Beth Kracklauer to discuss what it's like to serve as a proxy for the mouths and insatiable appetites of many.

Blender Drinks Are Back

Kevin Sintumuang and Beth Kracklauer talk frozen cocktails with Giuseppe González, co-owner of NYC's Suffolk Arms, about how to make perfect Piña Coladas and more.

Nina Compton on Creole and Caribbean Cuisine

The chef of Compère Lapin talks about her time on "Top Chef" and the many cuisines that converge in New Orleans.

Yes, Real Men Eat Quiche

Kevin Sintumuang and Beth Kracklauer talk gender politics in the food world and the comeback of the famous French egg tart with culinary writer Charlotte Druckman. Plus, the recipe for the manliest quiche ever.

Christina Tosi Gets Creative With Breakfast Cereal

Christina Tosi, chef and founder of Momofuku Milk Bar, dishes on the grand opening of Kellogg's Cafe, the first cereal bar in Times Square offering a creative spin on our favorite bowls of cereal.

Claus Meyer Serves Up Nordic Eats to Grand Central

Claus Meyer, founder of the Melting Pot Foundation and co-owner of Noma, talks about the "new Nordic" cuisine soon to be available for commuters from all walks of life at the much anticipated opening of the Great Northern Food Hall in Grand Central Terminal.

Secrets of the Hoppiest Craft Beers

Resident beer expert William Bostwick talks about how potent hop extracts are changing the future of craft beer for the better.

The Wondrous World of Tiki Cocktails

Kevin Sintumuang and Beth Kracklauer talk to Martin Cate, owner of San Francisco's Smuggler's Cove, about his new book that chronicles the history of exotic cocktails and teaches you the secrets to making elevated tiki drinks.

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