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Can travel be more than just a fun thing to do? Could it also provide some benefit and learning experiences later in life? I have always thought this and this is why I have relentlessly travelled the world and now have been to over 80 countries. I have always thought that I was planting the seeds of wisdom while in faraway lands. Through experiences with foreign people, cultures, concepts, and ways of doing things I learned much more than anything I could've done while at home. I interview amazing guests, bestselling authors, scientists, successful business people, dating experts, travel junkies, polyglots (people who speak more than 3 languages), and anybody who I think is interesting for the growth of our listeners and I as people. I think by doing this we can plant the seeds of wisdom which will ultimately lead to our success in career, business, money, relationships, self-worth, and generally being a more well-rounded person. But it requires you to be active making this happen. What do you think?

Podcast Episodes

Want top companies to fight to hire you? Do what Austin Belcak did!

Austin was very methodical in his job search, he interviewed at 100 companies of which 40 called him back. But he wanted to the best job possible and was clear on his values and his role. So it took him a year to find the best job but in the end he had many companies like Google, Uber, Facebook and other tech companies fighting for him until he finally got hired at Microsoft.

He did this by finding the role that he wanted within the company and contacting the supervisor for that role in the target company. Then he would have an informational interview with them before coming back and providing value in the form of problems he could solve for them. The people were usually blown away by his effort and would call him in for an interview or try to hire him right there!!

So if you're looking for the perfect job, listen to this episode and find out how Austin did it!

FAQ on learning languages like Thai in only a few weeks with Olly Richards

Olly runs the I will teach you a language podcast where he gives tips and answers questions for those who are learning a language. Olly himself speaks many languages and recently learned Thai to a decent level in only a few weeks. 

Eastern medicine explained using science with Andrew Miles

In this episode, I am excited to have on Andrew Miles. We had a great conversation and since have subscribed to his podcast, Botanical Biohacking. I have also listened to all of their episodes as well as recommended it to a number of friends! 


You may have heard about gut bacteria and its role in human health, but have you heard about communication using gasses in the body? These gases are vital to maintaining a healthy body and getting them out of balance will lead to many diseases.


By listening to this podcast you will learn about medicine which the medical community will only discover 10 years from now!!

Bonus: Creating the perfect suitcase for the airport with Diego Saez Gil

Diego Saez Gil talks about his suitcase company, Bluesmart, which makes the perfect luggage for the airport. If you are not sure if you locked your suitcase, you can do so with the help of an app. If your luggage is lost, no worries, you can use the GPS to help the airlines find it much faster! And of course, it has a charger to charge all your electronics.

We talk about this 'Internet of Things' product and how we might all have these kinds of things in the future!

We also talk about entrepreneurship and how it was to start a company like this originally having come from South America.

Culture matters in your success with Hunter Maats

In this second round with one of my favorite guests, Hunter Maats, we talk about his trips to the United Arab Emirates and how their culture affects the way they think. We then talk about Hunter's experience on the Joe Rogan show and how that changed his focus for the following weeks. Otherwise, we talk about some of the big questions of how culture is one of the most important things in life. This is essentially the programming of the way you act and will determine your success. Follow him on Mixed Mental Arts.


The music at the end of the episode is from a spontaneous wine night with my girlfriend and her Spanish friends singing some nice songs in the kitchen.

Richard Nisbett on how how culture determines our outcome

Richard Nisbett is the author of 3 books which deal with the psychology of thought. His first book was about the differences between Eastern and Western ways of thinking. Eastern is more holistic and Western is more atomistic meaning that the ways they perceive things are completely different as well. His second book was about the different culture in the North versus the Southern United States and what that meant for outcomes. Finally, his last book is about we can learn better 

Nasos Papadopoulos on how to be the most effective learner

Nasos is the host of the MetaLearn podcast all about how to become the most effective learner. When we met at the Polyglot conference in October 2016 we really hit it off and knew he would be a great guest! I love learning especially as it relates to languages. I also think that learning is enhanced while in a new environment like travelling. We talk about these things in this episode

Kris Broholm returns and we both talk about being sick of being nomads

Kris Broholm is the host of the Actual Fluency podcast where he interviews language learners and polyglots on how they got to where they are. I can credit him to getting into the polyglot community which I have grown to love! However, in this episode, we don't talk much about language learning but rather how we are sick of being nomads and always travelling around. Also, we talk about the direction of both our podcasts and what our audiences want from us (hint: tell us both what you want!!!)

Bonus: 90% off Paradise Pack offer with my buddy Jason Moore

My buddy and former guest, Jason Moore is launching the Paradise Pack for one week only starting May 30th!


There are some really cool deals in there on how to be location independent, learn languages quickly, and of course travel for much less!


This is their 4th year offering this pack of 19 courses valued at $2600!


But these deals are only valid for 1 week! From May 30th to June 5th during which they will be hosting live events with some of the creators of the products! Check it out!


So check out this sponsorship message and if you like Travel Wisdom, consider supporting the show by buying this great bundle!



Also, today, May 29th, is my 28th birthday, woohoo!!!

Britany Felix on how to travel with a partner who doesn't have the same drive

Britany is the host of the Living Unconventionally podcast where she talks to people living in an unconventional way. She recently took a many month road trip after she and her husband sold all of their possessions as well as their house. However, a little bit into it, the husband didn't like it nearly as much as she did. We talk about relationships and travel as well as what to do when you partner isn't too crazy about travel. Since it was only a few weeks before the interview it was still fresh in her mind but it as still interesting to hear about the solutions.

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