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Podcast Overview

1 to 2 minute podcasts discussing topics in communicative disorders. This podcast is intended for students studying communicative disorders to learn or study various topics in the speech sciences. Please give feedback at

Podcast Episodes

Episode 36 Neuroanatomy 2

This episode covers structures of the cerebrum and brainstem as well as major sulci and fissures.  This podcast episode was listener contributed.

Episode 35 Neuroanatomy 1

A discussion of the nervous system including directional terms, structures, roles, and functions.  This podcast episode was listener contributed.

Episode 34 Dysphagia - Assessment

This episode covers the typical topics to be included in an assessment of dysphagia. 

Episode 33 Dysphagia - Causes

A discussion of some of the contributing factors and causes of swallowing disorders.

Episode 32 Dysphagia - Phases of swallowing

A discussion of the four phases of swallowing and the components of each.

Episode 31 Prompts Cues and Models

This episode discusses the differences and various types of prompts, cues, and models for use during teaching and therapy. 

Episode 30 AAC Communicative Functions

In this podcast I mention a few do's and don'ts off AAC use and discuss 5 basic communicative funtions.

Episode 29 Paraphasias and other Definitions

In this episode I discuss the 2 types of paraphasias as well as define other terms used in speech therapy.

Episode 28 Fluent Aphasias

In this podcast I discuss 4 types of fluent aphasias and their characteristics.

Episode 27 Non-fluent Aphasias

I discuss 4 types of non-fluent aphasias and their characteristics. 

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More Podcasts