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Making your wedding planning easy, the Bridechilla Podcast is hosted by comedian and virtual bridesmaid Aleisha McCormack. Each week Bridechilla shares wedding planning inspiration and covers topics like ditching old-school traditions, obligation guests and stress! Bridechilla has helped thousands of Bridechilla and Groomchillas plan their big day. Sharing fun and information packed interviews with wedding vendors, bloggers, authors and psychologists, Bridechilla will become your go to resource for all things weddings. Subscribe now and see why The Bridechilla podcast is the #1 wedding planning podcast

Podcast Episodes

265- What Does A Wedding Coordinator Actually Do?

If there is one thing that everyone can agree on, it is that weddings are a ton of work. If you are engaged, I am sure you are already feeling spreadsheet overwhelm and decision fatigue. We’ve all heard couples compare wedding planning to having a second full time job, except you are not getting paid - in fact you are the ones paying! The fact of the matter is that for most couples, this is the first time you have ever planned an event of this magnitude. There are lots of moving parts and little details to take care of and that is before you even get to the family politics and societal traditions. Strip away all the emotional baggage from a wedding, and you still have a huge task on your hands. This episode’s guest Erica Greenwold Reisen is the lead planner and designer at Folie à Deux Events. She specializes in authentic, unique events for couples who like to challenge traditions and do their own thing. Erica is going to break down exactly what a Wedding Coordinator does, how to hire them and how much you should invest in their services! A MUST listen Bridechillas!

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275- Easy Ways To Plan A Sustainable Wedding

Planning a wedding that is sustainable saves you money and makes you feel good about your carbon footprint and the good news is, it is super easy. 

As I found when I asked the Bridechilla Community Facebook Group for suggestions, there are hundreds of small changes that you can make to ensure that your wedding leaves an impact on you are your guest lives and not the environment (and your wallet!).

I’m excited to share this episode with you as I truly believe that by making these changes we can do our bit to make impactful changes on the way we think and behave- and it makes you feel pretty smug and delicious inside too! Be sure to check out this episode show notes for a full list of links and suggestions to get you on your way! ——> 

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274- How to Fill The Dance Floor At Your Wedding

Andrew McClelland is a very fine party DJ and this episode's guest of the Bridechilla Podcast. He's played thousands of gigs at events, awards ceremonies, clubs and weddings all over the world and today he shares all his deep dark DJ secrets to help you fill the dance floor and ensure that your party goes off! Andrew is the sort of DJ you should hire for your wedding because he listens to a huge amount of different music and plays for the crowd. He DJs. He Dances. He MCs and he is an award-winning comedian. You won't be disappointed with this episode of the show.

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273- Choosing an Alternative Wedding Venue

Choosing where you are getting married, your wedding venue is a big step in the wedding planning process and one that pretty much guides all of your other decisions along the way. 

This episode we explore everything you need to think about when it comes to choosing to hire an alternative venue, from the logistics to thinking about all of the wonderful venue options that you may never have even considered. 

My guest is Yael from, which is a marketplace where people can list, discover and book unique spaces. Their marketplace gives you access to undiscovered and under-utilised spaces, offering extraordinary arenas for your wedding. Unlike other platforms (like Airbnb), Splacer curates its spaces: all spaces are reviewed by their team with an eye for great design and the logistics like insurance and whether the property owner will allow a raging, stomping party in their space, is pre-checked, so there is no awkward negotiating down the track. 

Even if you have...

272- Secrets of Bridesmaid Dress Shopping- aka keeping the peace

Who chooses bridesmaids dresses? How do you cater to all body shapes and budgets?

Should it be a group decision? Can there truly be bridesmaids dress democracy? What are some things to consider when choosing bridesmaids dresses? How do you pull off the non-catchy look without it looking rando and we discuss the importance of bras and underwear to prevent possum overload and VPL (without having to wear awful underwear)?

All of these questions will be answered on the Bridechilla Podcast by our fabulous returning guests Taylor and Danielle from The Wedding Shoppe and Kennedy Blue. 

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271- Wedding Alcohol- Know your booze

My very clever guest is Jacqueline Strum founder of ThirstyNest, the world's first curated wine and spirits registry. This episode is everything you need to get the lowdown on alcohol at your wedding… and beyond. Jacki shares her tips on how to order wine & spirits for a large crowd (a much-asked question int the wedding planning world- how much to order and what type of alcohol should we serve? Do you have to go fancy? Will anyone notice? What do you do if you over order? We share some tips for creating a signature cocktail and not having your guests needing to be carried out of the venue before 6pm!

If you are intimidated by purchasing wine, don’t fear! Jacki shares terms to sound like a wine PRO, without being a douche! Including ‘Malolactic Fermentation, Terroir, Tasting Terms - Lean, Oak, Earthy, Burnt Rubber, Barnyard, Catpiss (yes, really)’. She also breaks down how to choose a wine that will age well as a Gift - Types to Consider, Storage etc.

An info-packed awesome episode, not...

270- Things I Wish I Knew When Planning My Wedding

Hindsight is a marvellous thing especially when you are all done and dusted planning your wedding, like my super organised guest Bridechillla Graduate Christine. Christine married John in April 2017, in a bright and fabulous carnival themed extravaganza. Combining Christine’s Nigerian cultural heritage, they had a dramatic outfit change mid-wedding and worked thoroughly to include aspects and traditions from both of their backgrounds. Christine shares some of the most frustrating parts of their wedding planning, in particular, the lack of communication surrounding some vendors, with costs & timeframes, she also speaks candidly about how tough and un-fun wedding planning can be, in particular with family feedback and involvement, which as we all know, can get heavy fast. Christine is honest and super informative and I am delighted to share her story on the Bridechilla Podcast. Be sure to check out the accompanying blog post which features Christine’s top tips and photographs of their gorgeous wedding....

269- Shaping the party- Wedding Entertainment

Music and entertainment can be used to transform a wedding into an unforgettable event and today's guest, Andy Kushner is going to help us ‘get our shit together’ when it comes to shaping our vision for the day, in particular using live bands and interactive wedding entertainment to the mood and atmosphere that you envisage. In this episode, we are going to give you encourage you to inject YOUR personality and creativity in your music and entertainment design. Andy shares some valuable tips, no matter what your budget, to help you really think through how to create an atmosphere of fun, how to get people dancing and use wedding entertainment, to make your wedding day memorable.

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268- Finding ‘The Dress’- Adventures in Wedding Dress Shopping

Finding ‘The one’, the dress (or pantsuit, or tutu) that you wear to your wedding, for some brides is a piece of cake. For others, it can feel like a test given by the wedding gods to challenge your mental health and make you question everything you ever believed about tulle. Some brides might have been dreaming about the details of their dress for years- although as you will hear in this episode, a lot of those ladies have a big change of heart when they try on the ‘dream dress’ and realise it isn’t ‘the one’ at all and thus begins the existential dress crisis. A really enjoyable and knowledge packed episode of the Bridechilla Podcast, featuring wedding dress buying experts Danielle and Taylor from The Wedding Shoppe who both worked for years ‘on the floor’ as wedding dress advisors and have seen EVERYTHING.

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267- Catalyst Wedding Magazine

I know a lot of Bridechilla listeners struggle with the idea of balancing their feminist beliefs and planning their wedding day with all of the wonderful details and traditions. I’m delighted to be joined by Liz Susong Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Catalyst magazine (who seemed to have had a very similar wedding experience to me!). Catalyst Magazine is the first-ever print wedding magazine with a feminist consciousness, and they regularly host events to increase diverse representation in the wedding industry like their traveling workshop {un}convention, which I recently attended in London. In this show we talk about the challenges of the wedding industry and encouraging inclusion for all people, minorities, gender, relationships, talking about divorce and second (and third) marriages. We talk about the path diversifying representation (so many white, blonde brides on the cover of wedding mags!?), challenging gendered roles and standing for equal rights. We also look at the cycle of stress that a lot...

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