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Join us every Sunday night at 5pm PST as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this too be ignored. Listen as we talk to researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Every week we will also bring you the latest Bigfoot news and information. Our live call in number is 646-716-8791.
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SC EP:341 Encounters with the old man of the forest

Tonight I will be welcoming back to the show Lee Woods. Lee talks about a recent sighting they had while out investigating Sasquatch. Lee says “I took Sam into this area and never told him about the old man of the forest.” Lee states “I never told my friend about this creature the locals call the old man. When people see this creature they describe him as being a gray/white color. The night we were in one of my area’s my friend who is not really into bigfoot saw this creature and described it to a tee. Sam was in front of me about 20 feet when he shined the light right on this thing….”

SC EP:339 The Nephilim Among Us

I will be welcoming Scott Carpenter to the show. Scott's book: The Nephilim Among Us: The Identity And Origin of Sasquatch And Other Mysterious Creatures is available on Amazon. Here is a description of the book: "Bigfoot, Gray Aliens, Dogmen, Orbs, and other unknown creatures: What are they? Where do they come from? Who or what created them? Amateur Bigfoot researcher Scott Carpenter reveals his conclusions after six years of research and investigation. Scott presents you with the evidence: DNA, photographic, historical, eyewitness, and physical." The Nephilim Among Us Book link: The Bigfoot Field Journal The Dogman – The Monsters Are Real

SC EP:337 Childhood encounters with the creature

Jimmy writes “I had an encounter with 2 different Sasquatches in on afternoon/night. I really love your show and it is great therapy for people whom have had encounters” I will also be welcoming Ed to the show. Ed writes “My fascination with Big Foot began after my sighting in the summer of 1985 in Maine. I was 14 and it scared the **** out of me. Since then and up until about a year ago I used to have horrible nightmares several times a year about Big Foot. The nightmares stopped late last year when I finally admitted to myself, and to a few close family members, what I saw. Up until about a year ago I had never told anyone about my experience.”

SC EP:335 Encounter on Harstine Island

I spoke to Rich today and he has agreed to come on the show. Rich has an impressive background and has been looking into this subject for several years. He has had two sightings. Rich Germeau revisits his November 11, 2010 encounter with one or more Bigfoot on Harstine Island near Shelton, WA. This encounter culminated a five year search for Bigfoot with the Olympic Project, The Sasquatch Genome Project and independently.

SC EP:333 Bob Gimlin Tribute

Its going to be a great weekend. I will be welcoming Bob Gimlin and Russell Acord to the show. This will be a laid back conversation with Bob Gimlin about his life. I will be asking Bob how Roger Patterson would feel about the Sasquatch subject if he was alive today. I will see if Bob will talk about his time with Evil Kenevil also about the different adventures he has experienced throughout his life. We will wrap up the conversation talking about the International Bigfoot Conference 2017. Russell Acord writes “Join us September 1-3, 2017 in Kennewick, Washington.  

SC EP:332 Dr. John Bindernagel

John A. Bindernagel is a wildlife biologist who has sought evidence for Bigfoot since 1963. He published a book in 1998 entitled North America’s Great Ape: the Sasquatch. John writes "As a wildlife biologist, I have been studying the sasquatch (or bigfoot) for just over 50 years. For the past 25 years, the main subject of my wildlife research has been the scrutiny of evidence which appears to affirm the sasquatch as an existing mammal. During this period, I found this evidence to be not only compelling, but eventually conclusive in supporting the sasquatch as an existing North American mammal." Bindernagel grew up in Ontario, attended the University of Guelph,and received a PhD in Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He moved to British Columbia in 1975 largely because the region was a hot spot for Bigfoot sightings. Over the years, he has collected casts of tracks that he believes belongs to Bigfoot. He also claims to have heard the creature near Comox Lake in 1992, comparing its whooping sound to that of a chimpanzee. Bindernagel believes that the Bigfoot phenomena should receive more attention from serious scientists, but has remarked, “The evidence doesn’t get scrutinized objectively. We can’t bring the evidence to our colleagues because it’s perceived as tabloid.”

SC EP:329 A hunter’s encounter

A hunter discusses his encounter in Colorado. As the two men slept in their tent something walked up and smacked the tent three times. Here is a portion of the encounter when the third hunter returned to camp and the men were sitting around the fire: “My view of Matt had in the background the tent and a row of trees ten yards beyond it. Daylight was still hanging on, but would slide into dusk within thirty minutes. As I stared at Matt’s face while hearing him elaborate, bipedal movement of a grey form caught my eye. Usually when I see something grey in the forest, it’s what we deer hunters seek. Immediately my eyes left Matt’s and locked onto a large, broad-backed figure slipping through the trees about 30 yards away. It traveled from right to left, and seemed to be going away from where our tent stood. It was very tall, and its light grey hair was clearly visible. Its hair was all one short length, starting at the top of its head and continuing without break down its neck onto its massive shoulders and back. Seeing its V-shaped physique struck me unusual because normally people up there on the mountain don’t go around shirtless. We wear either vests or jackets while hunting in the high country. This being wore nothing. It was quartering away as it moved between the lodgepole pine trunks, so I never saw its face. When Matt saw my eyes shift away from his, my head cocked to the side for a better view around him. He stopped talking, and swung around to see what I was looking at. The creature I saw walked upright, unlike the horizontal body orientation a deer or elk would have. It was exactly the same shade of grey as a mature timber buck, which probably helped draw my eye to it. “What the…?”, I muttered. It continued to pass between several trees that were spaced about five feet apart.

SC EP:328 Encounters around the Reservation

Tom Sewid will be my guest, Tom is a Native Watchman from coastal British Columbia. For the next couple of nights I will be having Tom on to share with us encounters and stories from the First Nation people, I think you will really enjoy these next couple of nights. It is a great chance to learn about Sasquatch. Tom recently visited a tribe in Omaha Nebraska. I have invited the Webster brothers from the tribe to come on the show and talk about what is going on around the reservation.

SC EP:326 The Quantum Bigfoot

Ron will be coming on the show to discuss his new book “The Quantum Bigfoot.” Ron will be discussing some of the more weird things that happen to him when he recorded the sierra sounds. Ron Morehead is an ‘adventurist’; a positive ‘someone’ who loves life, but often lives it on the edge. As a SCUBA diver, he swam with the hammerhead sharks, has been filmed in Mexico’s Pacific Ocean riding the backs of giant manta rays, and been a safety diver for the filming of Right whales in Patagonia. As a private pilot, Ron has flown his own aircraft from the Alaskan bush to the Costa Rican jungle. Besides travelling to the ancient Mayan civilizations in the Yucatan, he has also flown into a remote jungle area of Chiapas (Southern Mexico) on an anonymous Mayan discovery expedition. What he saw was thought to be one of the last remaining strong-holds of the Mayan people. He has ventured into Western Nepal’s Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve to help assess the tiger population, explored the jungles of Bardiya on elephants, and been in the wilderness of Siberia looking for evidence of the Russian Yeti. He has made two trips in South America exploring the enigmatic structures and the non-human remains of the pre-Inca people.

SC EP:323 One of them threw a rock at me

A listener writes “I had drawn an area in Fall Creek Falls state park. Once again it was bow season. I knew a little about the area I was going to hunt. The deer in this area was massive and not accustom to being hunted. I got to my area before sunrise and was heading up my tree. I started hearing this sound in the woods. It sounded like one of those old Samurai movies. I could hear two men making this sound. I turned around in my stand trying to find the location it was coming from. While turning I made some noise with my stand and the chatter stopped. I waited for what seemed like an eternity. Then I heard something coming around the trail I had come in on. Thinking this was a hunter I turned on my flashlight and called out. Everything got quite. Then I heard them step off the trail. One to the left and one to the right. I called out again and once more it got real silent. With daylight approaching I advised them I had drawn this area I let them know if I was in the wrong could they please advise me. Nothing, not a sound. Now I am getting mad. Wanting to hunt and now someone messing with me. I started climbing out of the tree. While climbing I could hear the one to left moving towards me and the other moving back toward the trail. When I got to the ground I was expecting to see someone waiting to explain the mix up. Unhooking my stand I scanned the area with my flashlight. I advised them I was going to the ranger station to sort this out.  

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