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Marijo Puleo PhD

Podcast Overview

Designed to help people interested in mindfulness and meditation, but also experiencing aspects of spiritual awakening.

Learn practical ways to design your own mindfulness / meditation practice; how to explore and enhance your intuitive talents; helpful life skills; and develop a broader understanding of the evolutionary changes which may be driving your spiritual awakening experiences.

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Episodes published every other week.

Podcast Episodes

Cosmology and Multiverse Theory

What is the multiverse and how do we access it? Do we actually live in a simulation of reality? What is "out there" in the cosmos? We explore different theories and evidence that suggests we are living in a holographic universe.


Consciousness and Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics has been around for over a century, but has yet to fully take hold. What it is, and practical ways we can work with this. What implications does this have for medicine, setting goals, and aligning our self to shift our perception of reality. 

This episode also integrates many things we have been learning, and how quantum theory may be related to our experiences. And, or course, practical ways that you can play with these principles.


Working With Akashic Records

The Akashic Records are a powerful way to deepen your learning about your soul, personality and purpose. Learn what this is, ways to access it and how this can change your life!

Mindfulness As a Way Forward

We talk about mindfulness, we try to be mindful. Mindfulness is "no one thing" but noticing and being present in the moment is just the beginning. Much more awaits as you deepen this practice.


Me And My Shadow

What is the Shadow and how is this related to our self development? We often get surprised by our own thoughts and behavior. This is simply an unexpressed aspect of our own self. Learn how to discover this in your own self and hold this with acceptance so you can be in deeper relationships - with your own self and with others.


Gifts of the Psychopathic Way

What is the pattern of psychopathy and do we use these patterns or see it in others? We also explore toxic relationships - how to recognize the moves and how to hold healthy boundaries.

This is a long episode, but I didn't want to leave you in the "middle" of it. At the end, I offer some ways to look at this from a larger spiritual perspective. I share what are the gifts of healing from these patterns - the healing and core qualities to develop within your own self and/or if you are in relationship with someone who uses these patterns.


Narcissist? Not Me!

Oh, you're such a narcissist. Really? What does this mean and how does this relate to our communication and relationships with others? We end this episode with a practical way to deepen relationships with others.



What is Synchronicity

Synchronicity can mean many things. Is it a trick of the mind or a spiritual sign? In this episode, we explore the roots of synchronicity, where it comes from and as always, suggestions on how to bring more synchronicity into your life.





What is Mediumship?

In his LBL work, Michael Newton suggested that we can communicate with loved ones who are no longer incarnate. This method of communication is called Mediumship. 

In this episode, I discuss Mediumship with Maura Bertotti, an experienced medium, intuitive and angel communicator. She shares with us what is mediumship, how to successfully work with a medium and how it can be transformational in your own life. 

Maura can be reached at or Facebook She works with people both locally and long distance.


Life Between Lives Part 2

We often look to past lives to gain insight to our purpose. In Part 2, we look at the stages of soul development and how/why we choose our next life. Plus many questions about the spiritual world are asked and answered. It holds the promise for a brighter future for all of us. 

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