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Susana Frioni is a speaker, personal coach and sacred dance facilitator igniting women through erotic empowerment. On this show, Susana and her guests share insights, stories and strategies that will transform your relationships and your life. From sexuality, orgasms and body-love, to overcoming shame, doubt and fear, to cultivating deep intimacy and creating a life aligned with your truest desires - we discuss it all, openly and honestly. Have a question or topic you'd love to see covered on the show? Go to

Podcast Episodes

Coming off the pill, rediscovering sexual desire & adoring your cycle w/ Claire Baker

Australia Women's Coach & author of Adore Your Cycle, Claire Baker, shares how coming off the pill after 10 years was a catalyst for great change in your life. We discuss what happened to her body, the return of sexual desire, understanding the four phases of your cycle, using blood rituals for manifesting, period sex and preferred contraceptive methods.

My wild love affair with pleasure - autumn update

2017 is the year I have a wild love affair with pleasure. Every 3 months {or new season} I share my latest learnings and takeaways that will help you infuse more pleasure in your own life.  

How aligning with the moon cycle changed Dr. Ezzie Spencer's life.

Dr. Ezzie Spencer is a published author, speaker, and creator of Lunar Abundance, a practice helping thousands of women across the world embody a new way of living in the flow and creating a better life.  In this episode, we discuss how aligning with the moon cycle changed her life - especially her career, her relationship to her body and her creativity.

8 ways to help your partner give you the sex you want.

This episode is inspired by a recent inquiry I received from a man who listens to this podcast so he can better understand his wife and become a better lover. His inquiry highlighted 8 key ways that women can be helping their partners give them the sex they want. Tune in to learn what they are. Enjoy!

Acting out and growing up w/ Amanda Vella.

Today I interview Amanda Vella, a writer, teacher, doula and Founder of Illuminate Yoga studio in Sydney. Amanda openly shares her story of transformation and how relationships have been the catalyst for it all. We explore topics such as motherhood, marriage, monogamy, infidelity, grief, acting out, conflict, growing up and yoga. Enjoy!

Sexual dissatisfaction: take these 3 steps to create the sex life you want with the one you love

This week I'm answering a question from one of you. If you've ever struggled with being sexually dissatisfied in your relationship and didn't know how to make things better, then this episode is for you. Enjoy!


Radical intimacy and erotic play w/ Michaela Boehm

Today's special guest is Intimacy & Sexuality Expert, Michaela Boehm. She is among the most gifted and in-demand teachers, speakers and counselors across the globe. In this episode we discuss:

  • How to access the natural genius of the body
  • Why embodiment is important for relating to others, setting boundaries and caring for your body
  • Going beyond sexual polarity and understanding erotic friction
  • Why the better your relationship gets the more boring the sex becomes and what you can do about it
  • Why many women struggle in love and sex when they the become more successful in their careers
  • 3 simple daily practices to rewild yourself

The dance of ecstasy and pleasure w/ Barbara Carrellas

Today's special guest is world renowned author and sex educator Barbara Carrellas. In this episode we discuss:

  • the 10yr celebration of her pioneer book URBAN TANTRA
  • the difference between deep pleasure and intense ecstasy
  • power exchanges, consent, BDSM and tantra
  • Barbara's advice to those in their 20's, 30's, 40s and beyond
  • Plus so much more!

Living an embodied life w/ Jenna Ward

Today's special guest is Jenna Ward, the Founder of the embodied woman online program. We discuss her journey of embodied living, how to harness one of your most feminine qualities, integrating all aspects of yourself, choosing pleasure, building an authentic career AND creating a passionate relationship, and so much more. 

Leadership and sex w/ Megan Dalla-Camina

Today's special guest is strategist, speaker, best-selling author, researcher and co-Founder/CEO of Lead like a Woman, Megan Dalla-Camina. Today we discuss her journey of embodying her own feminine essence in both her professional and personal life. We touch on topics such as dance, feminine power, leading in the corporate world, Megan’s morning and evening practices, current reading list and we take a juicy dive into the challenges of nurturing one’s sexuality when your focus and energy is being used to birth your soul work.

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