Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Podcast Overview

You'll get fun and friendly doses of writing advice in three short chunks: a Quick and Dirty Tip, a meaty middle, and a final tidbit. Grammar Girl covers everything from punctuation and grammar to style and voice.

Podcast Episodes

577 GG The Trump Jr. Punctuation Kerfuffle. Generation Names.

576 GG Critique or Criticize? Games Like Pig Latin

575 GG Gestures. Elbow Grease. Capitalizing Directions.

574 GG Commas with Transition Words. Double Whammy.

573 GG Until, Till, and 'Til. Dad Jokes.

572 GG Themself. Comma Splices.

571 GG Lego or Legos? Why English Spelling Reform Is Doomed.

570 GG Burned or Burnt? Why English Spelling Is a Mess.

569 GG. Explain vs. Explanation. How to Outline.

568 GG. In or Among. Weird Words.

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