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Magic, Adventure and Gunfights

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Last Days of the October Squadron: Episode 03

Bridget faces a terrible choice when Special Agent Callendar finally tracks her down. Catch the thrilling conclusion!

Last Days of the October Squadron: Episode 02

Bridget awakens to learn what lurks inside the ruins of Point Seven.

Last Days of the October Squadron: Episode 01

Agent Bridget "Lucky" Forscythe and her squadron have a deadly encounter in the arctic dig site known as "Point Seven."

Fires in the Snow: Episode 02

See the thrilling conclusion of Starla Huchton's Gearheart story, "Fires in the Snow!" Special thanks to Starla for her incredible work on this story, as well as to Ryan McKannan for providing the voice of Noriaki!

Fires in the Snow: Episode 01

A terrible arsonist plagues Inspector Hyosuke Saichi's city, and he senses something unnatural in the crimes. When he meets the mysterious Koyuki Hara, his world is turned upside down by the discovery of magic. Story and female voices by Starla Huchton.

I’m not dead!

Just so all of you know, I've still been podcasting! Stephen Granade of "What the Cast" and I have a podcast called "Disasterpiece Theatre." Interested? Here's a bit about it: “Disasterpiece Theatre is a podcast where we imagine the most tragically-possible, bad Hollywood movie ideas!  We take everyone’s favorite actors and directors and misappropriate them in bone-chillingly realistic fashion.  Love Ghostbusters?  What if they made a third one… from the directors of “Scary Movie”?  How about Milla Jovovich in a heartwarming family piece?  The result is a truly groan-worthy pitch, as well as comedy gold.”

Maiden Flight of the Avenger: Episode 08

Augustus finally confronts his enemies in a battle in the skies!

Bonus MFotA Extended Track: Silver Coin Awakening

Here's the last extended track for you! Keep an eye out for more stuff coming soon, including a Collector's Edition CD!

Bonus MFotA OST Extended Track: The Starting Grid

Here's another track for you as we saddle up for the final episode. Enjoy!

Maiden Flight of the Avenger: Episode 07

Augustus comes face to face with Chuck Patrick in a showdown of wills.

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