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Ask questions, vote and discover answers about Chicago, the region and its people. From WBEZ.

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How Chicago Beaches Get and Keep That Nice Fine Sand

Here’s why you shouldn’t take that "sand between your toes" experience for granted!

Chicago's Best Stargazing Spots

Chicago's notorious light pollution hides the stars, but here's where you have a fighting chance to peek at the heavens.

Welcome Back, Otters: Could The River Otter Call Chicago's Loop Home?

Forty years ago, it would have been nearly impossible to find an otter in Illinois, never mind Chicago. Today, could they be here to stay?

The Meaning Of Boystown: A Conversation About Chicago's LGBTQ Neighborhood

A multi-generational panel talks about what the neighborhood means to them and where they see its future.

What's With That Odd Closet? What Chicago's Architectural Clues Reveal About How We Live

We look at eight building features and what each reveals about how society and urban life has changed over the years.

Building Skyscrapers on Chicago's Swampy Soil

Engineers once compared Chicago’s soggy soil to jelly cake. How did they build a forest of skyscrapers on it?

Rubber Stamp Aldermen: Why Does Chicago City Council Always Vote For What The Mayor Wants?

Most aldermen almost always vote with the mayor, but that's starting to change.

City Of Big Potholes: Is Asphalt The Best Choice For Chicago's Streets?

In the past decade the city paid out nearly $3 million drivers whose cars were damaged by poor road conditions. Is asphalt to blame?

Boystown: How Chicago Got Its Gay Neighborhood

Political activism and businesses helped shape the city's gay neighborhood, but there's a debate about its future.

Tray Table Or Trash? Here’s What Happens To Airline Food When An O'Hare Flight Is Cancelled

When a flight gets cancelled, it's not only travel plans that get trashed.

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