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Nationally-syndicated consumer expert Clark Howard shows you practical money-saving advice to help you save more, spend less, and avoid scams and ripoffs. To access the entire Clark Howard Podcast archive, go to

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Clark Howard 07.14.17

Topics: Clark Stinks; AirBnb is changing because of mega-hosts

Clark Howard 07.13.17

Topics: Zillow instant offers; Bill pay scam; Rx discount cards Rx pricing

Clark Howard 07.12.17

How to rent a rental car; What role does money play in happiness?

Clark Howard 07.11.17

Topics: CFPB looks to ban some arbitration clauses; A human chain saves 9 lives at the beach; Shipping surcharges will change Christmas shopping 

Clark Howard 07.10.17

Topics: Google can diagnose skin cancer; Home Depot fires employee for stopping kidnapping; Volvo vows to go all hybrid and electric

Clark Howard 07.07.17

Topics: Memphis paying government worker student loans; Texting while walking; Benefits at work

Clark Howard 07.06.17

Topics: Amazon's new clothing ventures; Going into debt for vacation; Monk helps folks with finances

Clark Howard 07.05.17

Topics: Apps for selling your used items; Smart door locks

Clark Howard 07.03.17

Topics: The poor in America and a lack of affordable housing; How we do lunch has changed

Clark Howard 06.30.17

Topics: Baby boomers helping Seniors; BOA fraud charges; Successful secrets to working out

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