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Conversations about DIY, Home Design, and family. Chris Loves Julia is a DIY home design blog that started in 2008. It has since become the go to place for design and home renovation info for millions of readers. On this podcast we go behind the curtain on blogging, home renovation, and design in general and how it all relates to having a home that is "lived in" by a family.

Podcast Episodes

Ep 41: Our Home's Dirty Little Secrets, And Living In The Path Of Totality

The Gang talks about the things in their house that aren't perfect cause they live in it like a normal family even though these things don't show up in pictures.

We also discuss the Total Solar Eclipse that is happening in our little town next month.

Also, Home Depot is getting sued and you might be blown away by the reason.

Ep 40: Real Talk On Being Professional Bloggers

In this week's podcast, we are diving deep into all of the questions we have gotten about blogging and have an open and honest conversation about what it takes. For the first time, we're also discussing why, when and how Chris quit his job, and the lessons we have learned about separating criticism from critique.

We share a few tips on how we have grown our following organically. We also answer some tough questions you've asked, like "Do you feel like you're at the mercy of your readers to survive financially?" and "Is there room in the field to start a blog today?" We're holding nothing back and can't wait to hear your thoughts on this week's episode.


Ep 39: Cabin Hunting, What's Wrong With Zillow? And A 2017 Trend Check In

Hunting for cabins! The gang gets into it about Chris and Julia's new journey to buy a cabin and how their frustration with Zillow has shaped the search.

Then we discuss trends that were supposed to take over your house in 2017 and see whether they landed in real life.

Ep 38: You're Not Invited To My Party, And Other Outdoor Entertaining Tips

This week the gang tackles a sensitive and hot topic about how to tactfully invite or not invite people to events at your house. And we cover the top ten things to do to get your house ready for an outdoor party.

Julia also drops a bomb on us about her idea for a summer outdoor party invention that would revolutionize the way people enjoy get-togethers.

Ep 37: Behind The Curtain Of The One Room Challenge w/ LInda Weinstein

Peeling back the curtain and talking candidly about the behind the scenes stuff with the One Room Challenge. The gang talks to One Room Challenge creator Linda Weinstein and we learn a lot from her about the entire project.

Then we get in to a hot topic discussion about the reality of blogs vs the fantasy of blogs. It gets pretty interesting.

This Episode is sponsored by Blue Apron. Go to to get your first three meals free with free shipping.

Ep 36: The Woman's Place In DIY, Broken Noses, And Giving Yourself Credit

The Gang discusses slightly sexist attitudes toward women when it comes to DIY and home renovation. Julia breaks down her feelings on the dynamic between her and Chris when it comes to projects.

Chris and Julia talk about the things they learned installing their floor and have great advice for selecting a floor color. Then we play a game where Chris and Preston get schooled by Julia on 15 ways to remove negative energy from your home.


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Ep 35: Why Your Neighbors Might Hate You, And Give Me More, Baltimore

The gang breaks down what happened behind the scenes in their weekend kitchen refresh, which ended up being a complete renovation. We find out who was happy about it, who wasn't, and what they would've done differently. 

  Then we discuss the best way to choose a paint color for the cabinets in your kitchen. Chris has great advice for budgeting your projects, and we realize we all might be the least popular people in our neighborhoods...   Leave A Rating And Review!    

Ep 34: Selling Your Old Stuff and You Put WHAT In The Dishwasher?!?

The gang talks about "springifying" the house and the best ways to make that happen. We talk about best practices and places for buying and selling used furniture and house items on-line.

Then we Play a game revealing things you wouldn't believe you can put in the dishwasher. It just might blow your mind.


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Chris' Hoodie

Ep 33: Apartment Therapy Founder Maxwell Ryan, A Happy Home

Maxwell Ryan stops by the podcast this week to talk to the gang about Apartment Therapy and their new online marketplace. He goes deep on what makes a happy home and even answers a reader question.    Chris and Julia talk about the little quirk that is unique to them... They often eat FULL HOT MEALS in their bed. Then we go over the top ten ways that you can make your home happier and they all cost Zero dollars and are accessible to everyone.   Sponsored by Thomas Avenue Ceramics Use Promo Code CLJ for 20% Off!   Please Leave A Rating And Review!   Email us:   Cant Get You Outta My Mind Items:   iPhone Wallet Case Chris' Shoe Insoles


Ep 32: White Paint Isn't White, And You're Super Unorganized

The gang listens to Julia crack eggs of knowledge all over our heads about how to choose a white paint and make it work for different lighting situations and different rooms. And also how to make white paint work with ivory paint in the same room.   Chris and Julia school Preston on organization and give tips on how to clean up that one area of your house that just cant seem to stay clean. Plus the debut of the hit song by Julia's childhood pop group with her sisters, Flower Power.   Sponsored by Thomas Avenue Ceramics   If you need tile for any project in your house, use promo code CLJ to get 20% off any order at Thomas Avenue.   Please Leave a Rating And Review For The SHOW!!!

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