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Guy de Maupassant

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .quickly she appealed to an individual standing by:

"Chevalier, come and defend me from insult."

A thin, brown man, with an easy carriage, came forward.

"Who is the culprit?" said he, with a constrained smile.

Yvette pointed out Servigny with a nod of her head:

"There he is, but I like him better than I do you, because he is less of a bore."

The Chevalier Valreali bowed:

"I do what I can, Mademoiselle. I may have less ability, but not less devotion."

A gentleman came forward, tall and stout, with gray whiskers, saying in loud tones: "Mademoiselle Yvette, I am your most devoted slave."

Yvette cried: "Ah, Monsieur de Belvigne." Then turning toward Saval, she introduced him.

"My last adorer—big, fat, rich, and stupid. Those are the kind I like. A veritable drum-major—but of the table d'hote. But see, you are still bigger than he. How. . . Read More

Community Reviews

Re-read after two and a half years. Boy, my opinion on this book changed so much.
I think that, at that time, I was too young to properly understand this story and enjoy it. Now I finished it in one day and enjoyed every single detail of it.

I could understand Yvette now as I know more about that per

Well it's nice to know that teenage girls haven't changed much since the writing of this book. They're dramatic, oblivious and quick to change their minds. I'm being facetious, but so is Guy de Maupassant.

Yvette discovers that her mother is, well, an expensive prostitute. How she was oblivious to t

3.5 The second half was the much more compelling part, overall this was magnificently written. The word of this book is imperceptibly.

This was okay. Yvette is the daughter of a courtesan who serves men of wealth and status. She seems to be oblivious of how her mother makes money and why they are alw

I finished it in one day. I love his books so much. Yvette a girl who does not approve her mother's lifestyle. She prefers to go far away and start all over again. She does not want to follow her mother's footsteps. It is worth reading this short story.

ένας μικρός πολυτιμος λίθος από τις καλαίσθητες και μοναδικές εκδόσεις Φαρφουλάς, που νομίζω ότι θα ευχαριστηθεί κάθε αναγνώστης κάθε ηλικίας...Ελαφρύ και ανοιξιάτικο, με ρέουσα γλώσσα διαβάζεται από αρσενικούς και θηλυκούς αναγνώστες οι οποιοι, ωστόσο διαθέτουν αίσθηση του χιουμορ! Οι εκδόσεις Φαρφ

Dear Yvette, she is a spoiled, coquettish teen enjoying the adoring society of the somewhat rakish men who fill her mother's parties. She soon has her eyes set on one gentleman in particular, and when her mother invites him and his friend on a trip, Yvette is happy and expecting a proposal. However,

Yvette, belle diablesse et héroïne au tempérament fougueux... Un petit bijoux. Maupassant, je suis ivre de tes mots !
"Yvette avait des ailes maintenant. Elle volait, la nuit, par une belle nuit claire, au-dessus des bois et des fleuves. Elle volait avec délices, ouvrant avec les ailes, battant des

Maupassant (1850 – 1893)
Il s’agit vraiment d’une histoire courte et simple, et une conclusion ouverte à l’imagination du lecteur.
Yvette découvre à l’âge de 18 ans que sa mère, la riche et célèbre Marquise Obardi, n’est qu’une courtisane qui doit sa richesse aux nombreux prétendants tourbillon

Maybe I was not in the appropriate mood for reading it, but Yvette truly annoyed me. The main character Yvette, realizing that she will have the same faith as her mother - a courtesan- decides to take her life.In the end she falls in the hands of Jean de Servigny who fell in love with her.

Kako mi je Yvette došla pod ruku? Vraćao sam Šolohova u gradsku, a na ulazu vrteća polica s natpisom ’vrhovi svjetske književnosti’. Tamo sam uz Joycea ugrabio i ovog Maupassanta nevelikog opsega. Nakon Chestertona koji mi je ipak razmjerno naporan, ovo mi je došlo kao šetnja parkom. Jednostavna, re

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