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The World with a Thousand Moons

Edmond Hamilton

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Book Excerpt: 
. . .But John Dark and most of his crew were still alive in the drifting wreck. They had fought the battle wearing space-suits, and that had saved them. They had clung grimly to the wreck as it drifted on and on until it finally fell into the feeble gravitational pull of Vesta.

Kenniston could still remember those tense hours when the wreck had fallen through the satellite swarm of meteors onto the World with a Thousand Moons. They had managed to cushion their crash. John Dark, always the most resourceful of men, had managed to jury-rig makeshift rocket-tubes that had softened the impact of their fall.

But the wrecked Falcon had been marooned there in the weird asteroidal jungle, with the alien, menacing Vestans already gathering around it. The ship would never fly space again until major repairs were made. And they could not be made until quantities of material and equipment were brought. Someone must go for those materials to Mars, the nearest planet.

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Community Reviews

Thumping good space opera from a pulp legend

The World with a Thousand Moons was first published in the December 1942 issue of Amazing Stories, which was published by the Ziff-Davis Company and edited by the renowned Raymond A. Palmer. (The lead story was Warrior of the Dawn by Howard Browne, who later became the magazine's editor when Palmer

Years ago I read The City At World's End and complained that the story was good but part 2 was not-- My edition contained a 2nd story inside it with no title. Well years later I found the second story on it's own and it is this one. As a squeal this is a bad one and demonstrates why no one can have

Cheesiest of pulp era space opera; bit lots of fun!

Another fun book by Edmund Hamilton, this has all the elements of classic pulp-fiction.

Science Fiction

Originally published in 1942, this short story is a fun space romp featuring pirates, double crosses, kidnapping, just for starters. Add green men, Martians, navigating dangerous asteroids and meteors, and much more .... it's a fun sci fi short that holds up well decades later.

TY to G

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